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1, it can be applied to all electronic cigarettes.

2, the liquid has passed CE/ROHS certification, and the quality is 100% guaranteed.

3, the pure taste makes it different to other liquid. It does not contain any harmful ingredients.
Capacity: 1 bottle=60ML

Nicotine level: High (we just have the High level nicotine can be choose,not the non,low or Medium level.)
About the Flavors, we default send Marlboro to you.

more flavors have:

1-Marlboro, 2-Tobacco, 3-Mint, 4-Apple, 5-Banana, 6-Strawberry, 7-Coffee, 8-Vanilla, 9-Dunhill, 10-Virginia, 11-Mild seven, 12-Chocolate, 13-Cigar, 14-Camel, 15-Menthol, 16- Red Bull(Red cow), 17-Parliament, 18-555 State Express, 19-Mix fruit, 20-Watermelon, 21-Grape, 22-Orange, 23-Salem, 24-Turkey Blended...

after paid it you can leave word or send massage let`s know which flavors you want.
(if not find you leave word or message,we will send Marlboro to you only!)

thank you!