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ColdBloodArtSpecification of the mask:
- The mask is made out of 3 layers of fiberglass making it flexible enough to withstand high impact.
- There is an AIR FLOW at the nose area and at the lenses area. The air will be drained away at the mask 's overleaf when the breath hits against with it with the front of the mask but it can fog up if used for a long a period of time. The vents can help a little but great more than not has vent.
- Possesses great vision of the eyes. We are very serious about the lenses that when looking thru them,they "merge" with the movement of the human's eyes but it has a limit that is due to the range between your face and the mask.
- The mask comes with a 6 point buckle strap.
-The masks interior has removable padding by using Velcro for better face comfort and its possible to wear glasses beneath the mask but it won't be as comfortable as without them. The padding pieces are washable, hand washable or using a washing machine.
- The size of the mask is about 8" X 10" but it not all are the same.
- You will be safe with the removable Polycabonate lenses that are the same as the ones used in paintball.
- Steel mesh can be added for your mask too.
Please write a note in the Paypal's informations when making the payment(we will add Polycabonate lenses for base service if nothing is written in the Paypal)
- The Color that is used to paint the mask gets finished with a clear spray but some mask don't possesses that finishing touch.
-You should only wash the paint from the paintballs with plain water.
- Suitable for collection or prop too.

Payment method:
Paypal is accepted
The Production time is 3-10 days and then is shipped via DHL Express worldwide( The Transit time takes 1-5 days or even more than 6 days depending of your location.
You can check the transit time from
A Tracking number will be added together with the Paypal informations after shipment.
Return Policy:
The goods can be changed for a new one in case it is worn out between carriage making it possible for the buyer to change it for a
new one within 7 days or buyer can get Money back and return the goods but only if the buyer pays the return shipping.
Your satisfaction is our goal so,if you not satisfied with the product.
Please contact us for problem solutions.
We will resolve the problem by finding the best solution for you.
We have tested the mask with a Paintball and an airsoft gun but because all masks were handmade masks, you should test it before you use it and if it gets broken or damaged,please ask for refund or for a new one.
In order to get a refund or request a new one we kindly ask you for a test video showing the results.
For extra protection you should check the lenses and lenses's slot every time before you use the mask and if you see some part broken or damaged or not in the same condition as before, please contact us for new ones that we will provide.

Do not modify it!! Do not shoot it in close range!!
The mask is made for paintball games and withstands around 300 ft/sec rounds!!