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Here are 3 dvd's, 6 VOLUMES full of RARE footage from nightclubs in Greenwich Village,NY. Footage is from 1967 and 1968 from NY clubs like the Gaslight, Village Gate, Bitter End and Village Vanguard. Here in these clubs, alot of FAMOUS ARTISTS got their break and started their careers. Ricky Nelson narrates. These dvd's are recorded on DVD-R disc. If you would like them on DVD+R disc, please notify me when you order. These discs have artwork on the disc, and are shipped in protective sleeves. The quality of these dvd's are rather pretty good for being 40+ years old. I would rate them 8.5 out of 10. Here are the performances on these VERY RARE dvd's:

Disc 1- Volumes 1 

The Chambers Brothers-Going Up Town

Janis Ian-Lonely One

Richie Havens-Marching To The Concord War

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention-What Got Into You

Mary Wells-Two Lovers

Chad Mitchell-The Other Side Of This Life

Richie Havens-Streets Of The City

Janice Ian-Be My Friend Again

Chad Mitchell-Quiet Room

Balikrishna-Sitar Medley

Jake Holmes-Faces & Golden Quiet

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention-Excerpts

Spanky & Our Gang-Suzanne


Disc 1- Volume 2

Neil Diamond-Kentucky Woman

Odetta- Give Me Your Hand

Peaches & Herb-Let's Fall In Love

Serendipity Singers-Know My Rider

Brook Benton-Tell Me

Morgana King-Walk On By

Chuck Jackson-Since You've Been Gone

The Happenings-Music Music Music

Neil Diamond-Solitary Man

Odetta-Born In Bethlehem

Serendipity Singers-It Ain't Necessarily Bird Street

The Happenings-I've Got Rhythm

Brook Benton-The Glory Of Love

The Happenings-Mammy

Cashman,Pastill & West-Listen

Peaches & Herb-Two Little Kids

Steve Baron Quartet-Too Many People In My Life

Chuck Jackson-When It Comes To The Way

Tom Rush-Who Do You Love?


Disc 2- Volumes 3 

Chad Mitchell Trio w John Denver-Both Sides Now & Born To Be Free

Frankie Valli-Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Dee Dee Warwick-I Need Love

Country Joe & The Fish-Fixin' To Die Rag

Paul Anka-When We Get There

Chad Mitchell Trio w John Denver-That's The Way It Ought To Be

Joe Williams-Smack Dab In The Middle & Every Day I Have The Blues

Grace Markay-When A Love Affair Is Over

Frankie Valli-Here I Stand

Country Joe & The Fish-I Got Love

Dee Dee Warwick-Get Away, Baby

Paul Anka-Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

Anita Sheer-Flamenco Nights

Lynne Kellog-Follow The Children

Country Joe & The Fish-Who Am I?


Disc 2- Volume 4

Kenny Rogers & The First Edition-What Condition My Condition Is In

Melanie-Beautiful People

Chubby Checker-Do The Twist

marvin Gaye-Ain't That Peculiar? & My Love

Kenny Rogers & The First Edition-I Was The Loser

Chubby Checker-Temptation

Melanie-In The Morning

Spanky & Our Gang-Everybody's Talkin'

Kenny Rogers & The First Edition-I Got A Funny Feelin'

Tom Rush-I Feel Fine

Chubby Checker-Ace Of Diamonds

Spanky & Our Gang-Don't You Understand

Marvin Gaye-I Need You

Tom Rush-No Regrets

Amanda Ambrose-Nobody

Linda Ronstadt & The Stone Poney's-One By One



Disc 3- Volume 5

Linda Ronstadt & The Stone Poneys- Different Drum

The Staple Singers-Deliver Me

The Box Tops-The Letter

Mim Kweskin Jug Band with Maria Muldaur: Everbody's High

Linda Ronstadt & The Stone Poney-Ask Any Mirror

Kenny Rankin-Oh, So Peaceful Here

Nina Simone-House Of The Rising Sun

Jim Kweskin Jug Band with Maria Muldaur-If You're A Piper

Maria Muldaur-Ain't Gonna Marry

The Box Tops-Neon Rainbow

Gloria Tracy-Ebbtide Medley

Nina Simone-You'll Go To Hell

Jackie & Roy-Say The Word

Amanda Ambrose-That Ain't Where It's At

Marvin Gaye-Why Did I Choose You

Jackie & Roy-I Wonder What's The matter With?


Disc 3- Volume 6

The Simon Sisters w Carly Simon-Wionkin, Blinkin and Nod

Chuck Berry- Roll Over Beethoven 

Candy Men-Georgia Pine

Miriam Mekeba-Melisha

Orpheus-I've Never Seen Life Like This

Carly Simon-If It Rains In My Heart

Chuck Berry-Maybeline

Candy Men-Stone Blues Men

Miriam Makeba-Jolinka

Mitch Ryder-What Now My Love

Chuck Berry-Johnny B. Goode

Miriarn Makeba-Ring Bell, Ring Bell

Sabicas-Flamenco Medley

Orpheus-Can't Find The Time

The Staple Singers- Everybody Look What's Going Down

Grace Markay-Those Little Things

Ruben Mitchell-Jazz Piano Medley


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