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6- Finger Nail Tip Rings - TBM-FRT-001

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These Nail Tip Rings are now in main-stream America. Who needs a fancy manicure when you can wrap a few bold colored sculptures, on the tips of your fingers?

Can be used over and over and over again.

Like history fashion also repeats itself, but fashion comes in a very reformed and improved form.

This new trend of nail rings designed by TBM are taking the nail art to an entirely new level.

The nail tip rings are made in many different styles and designs from glitter, enamel and brilliant colors, and are very flexible so it can fit any fingernail tip easily and comfortably..

A perfect fit to your finger every time.

The nail ring design also includes a finger armor to fit over your entire fingernail. A limited supply because we are consistently manufacturing new styles and designs.

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Adjustable To Any Finger

Sturdy Light Weight Metal Alloy

Round & Square Tip Assortment

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