Item Description
Effortless weight loss of 10-15 LBS in a month just by drinking coffee!

Health Slimming Coffee An exclusive ingredient in the Health Slimming Coffee, supply energy for the body, burn the redundant fat

It can speed up the metabolism, clean the internal system in time and refresh mind. Hence provides supplement for body to keep beauty, healthy and perfect shape.

Ingredients: Instant coffee,Lingzhi,Spore Powder,Rose Powder,Semen Cassiae,Dietary Fiber

Specification:20 packs×10g /Box

Usage: One packet per day, 15 minutes before breakfast. Dip it in one glass of 80-100ml hot water.

Suitable Groups: People with redundant fat and who pursuit perfect shape.

Effects: Lose up to 5 pounds in a week. Proportioned food intake and exercise will speed up weight loss. Slimming Coffee takes effective quickly without side effect and dependency.

Unavailability: Children, menstrual, pregnant and lactation women and users with serious diseases shall not use the product

valid Period: 24 monthes.