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Night Owl Optics - Night Vision - NON5.-5x Magnification
Quality night vision monocular with a built-in infrared illuminator in a compact body design. The unit features an accentuated palm grip with ergonomically placed soft-touch operational buttons for easy on-hand operation. The monocular is ideal for casual and nocturnal viewing.
Features include:
Easy one-hand operation.
Powerful integrated infrared illuminator.
Compact easy handling.
5x image magnification.

Night vision devices gather existing ambient light (starlight, moonlight or infra-red light) through the front lens (1) . This light, which is made up of photons goes into a photocathode tube (2) that changes the photons to electons. The electrons are then amplified to a much greater number through an electrical and chemical process (3,4 & 5) . The electrons are then hurled against a phosphorus screen (5) that changes the amplified electrons back into visible light that you see through the eyepiece (6) . The image will now be a clear green-hued amplified re-creation of the scene you are observing.
           1. Front Lens 4. High Voltage Power Supply
        2. Photocathode 5. Phosphorus Screen
        3. Microchannel plate 6. Eyepiece