Item Description
Description: - 100% Brand New and High Quality. - Standard of
our product is 5mm. - The Amazing Balls is made of 216 strong
magnetic NdFeB balls. (NdFeB is a permanent-magnet technology) -
The balls can be composed of countless shapes, some of them you may
not know how to call it. Because you will be the one who created
it. - Through the Amazing Balls, you can simply increase your
intuitive of geometry and mathematics. - You can use Amazing Balls
as an educational tool combine the textbook to learning. Then you
can get a better understanding of the geometry theoretical and
practical knowledge. - Because of geometry needs strong imagination
of space, so use the amazing balls as a educational tool can
improve the geometry section results effectively. Effectively
stimulate the left and right brain Amazing ball is an amazing
intellectual toy. Can simultaneously stimulate and exercise your
right and left brain, compared to other types of intellectual toys,
100 grams balls can make you be better off. Each side of the brain
responsible for controlling various body functions and cognitive
faculties. Left brain is responsible for logical reasoning,
mathematics and language, while controlling the right side of the
body muscles. The right brain controls spatial imagination,
creativity, facial appearance and visual recognition capabilities,
while controlling the left half of the body. Main Feature: -
Diameter: 5mm Warning: Not intended for children. Swallowing of
magnets may cause serious injury and require immediate medical
care. Ages 13+ Package Include: - 1x 216pcs/set Amazing Balls
(plastic bag)