Item Description
This product is made in the Kingdom of Yunnan green plants, thousands of years been recognized as a unique plant, refined was purified through modern technology. This product is extracted through the complex process msv other plants useful component, by the National Drug and food GMP certification standards for production, so taking this product safe and without side effects.
[Specification] 36 / bottle

[Taking] once a day, each one (taken before or after breakfast)
[Storage] at room temperature under a cool, dry and dark place to preserve
[Production date] See carton
[Shelf life] 24 months
[Approval No.] cloud health food card characters (2007) No. 530100-002310

[Production standard] Q/KL2004-02
Important Note
[Suitable age] -65 under the age of 16 or more.
[Note] pregnant women do not use, cardiovascular disease, and history of stroke caution.
[A product] Kunming Lingcao, biological
Main distributor] Dali Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Rita latest packaging, msv slimming capsule, pure plant diet, the world's most popular healthy way to lose weight: scientific, safe and effective. Taking five days to crack down on fat people's troubles, served seven days to let you Xiangshou "healthy, taking ten days to keep slim. (Box of 30 days the amount). 3 boxes for a weight loss cycle quality assurance, a penalty at one thousand

Rita msv weight loss principles
1, why Rita msv slimming capsule no side effects, no rebound?
A: Rita msv slimming capsule is made of pure natural plant extract obese people achieve healthy weight loss goals two ways: (a) to produce satiety; (b) to reduce body fat, no poison, do not rebound mainly produce the satiety plants work, food intake relative reduction reduced to ideal body recommended that consumers converted to two days or three days served a dose slowly reduced, so that the body have to adapt procedural, in order to maintain the balance of metabolism, not much of a gap to diet or other, in order to maintain a good shape.

2, of the reasons for taking Rita msv slimming capsule, no diarrhea can lose weight?
A: Diarrhea is a bad influence by serving some products by lipase to break down body fat excreted through the excretory system, this way there will be some damage to the digestive system of the human body, even if the weight loss is also produced by the body such as abdominal pain, etc. . Rita V Ling plant weight loss capsules, mainly by reducing body fat, fat burning, decomposition, and promote the body's metabolism to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Hair, even without diarrhea, same can easily downsizing. At this point, just a lot of water, to help supplement the human body fluid secretion, decomposition required to replenish fat.
Buy want to eat to lose weight when doubt encountered:
1, buttocks, waist, abdomen, arms and legs. . . . . . Really cut it?
A: It should be said that those words are a lot of women after taking summed up, as long as you have confidence and believe that our products seriously taking, with that figure just around the corner, really. Especially on women prone to obesity parts of the waist, abdomen, buttocks weight loss is very good, the body changes can significantly feel it.

2, eat Rita generations spend slimming capsule less complete fertilizer, not skin becomes loose, it is not flexible, people appeared to be very old,?
A: It will not, not only will not because Rita msv slimming capsule will help you to maintain the flexibility of human skin, a thick layer of fat, thinning of the skin is very tight, very dynamic, so your whole significantly older, the opposite will be very young, vibrant, radiant!
Taking during the problem and the best way of taking:
Rita msv slimming capsule during, and how to achieve better weight loss?
A: Because obesity is not formed in a short period of time, the weight loss is a long process, must be gradual, and not be too hasty. Weight loss is not a drug alone, or a health care products to achieve the desired effect, weight loss is a comprehensive process Rita generations spend slimming capsule is Yunnan's unique natural plant as raw material extraction through scientific weight loss product, in taking at the same time, in order to better achieve weight loss must be reasonable adjustments to diet, such as do not eat three meals a day snacks, light-based diet, low salt, low sugar, Eat less fried foods and foods containing more fat and eat more vegetables, fruits, and drink plenty of water, and only through an integrated approach will achieve the ultimate weight loss goal.

2, when people lose weight, what food can not eat? (Such as: tea, coffee, spirits), what the snacks can suggest they eat?
A: each person eating our products can also eat other kinds of food they like. Rita msv slimming capsule also encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, regular exercise. Reduce alcohol consumption, avoid tobacco. Recommended snacks: fruit, vegetables, biscuits. But it is best not to drink tea, because the tea party solutions pharmacodynamics.

3, before meals and after meals What is the difference?
We recommend that you take 15 to 20 minutes before meals. Rita msv slimming capsule contains can produce satiety ingredients that can help you maintain a regular diet, allowing you to eat less meals that the most effective satiety and improve bowel function. In order to achieve its maximum effect, we recommend that you take before meals. However, because of individual differences, individual people before meals will produce medication reaction, so the medication according to their time.

4 Why use our products need to drink enough water?
A: Water is essential in all nutrition. In fact, important to drink plenty of water and eat. Its operation of all functions of the body are very important, when we are taking Rita msv slimming capsule, we need a lot of water to supplement the water to burn fat consumption, if we do not drink enough water, then the body may become swollen or constipation.

Eat "Rita msv slimming capsule, diet or physical exercise to cope with it?
A: totally unnecessary, you eat whatever you want, usually what life state maintained, "Rita msv slimming" The purpose is to you easily and happily lose weight, then happy, beautiful life, everything goes smoothly its natural, everything will unknowingly be realized! However, an active lifestyle is always healthy. Moderate daily exercise, like a brisk walk, do some gardening or mild aerobic exercise can burn extra calories, and improve skin and muscle.

Fourth, the problem of weight loss:
Taking Rita msv slimming capsule each course by the number of pounds?
A: The great because of individual differences, the higher your fat reduction quicker. Fat is simply refers to the the small skeleton fleshy female friend. Solid can not be generalized, the need based on the dieter's own body weight and weight loss can tie during taking Rita generations spend slimming capsule, reasonable arrangements for three meals a day diet to aid weight loss. Therefore can not formulate a unified standard. However, most of the available $ 5 to 7 kg.

After five dress, "Rita msv slimming capsule, reduced to ideal body, you need to continue taking, stop taking the weight is going to bounce?
A: Rita generations spend slimming capsules can help you develop good eating habits and lifestyle, as long as you maintain a nutritionally balanced diet every day, so the weight will not rebound. Rita generations spend slimming capsule weight loss after taking to maintain physical fitness can be taken intermittently. Continue to take, and does not produce any adverse reactions. At the same time, must not relax supplementary measures, such as a reasonable diet, good habits. The basis of this practice, generally do not stop taking rebound. I do: eat one every day, eat you think is the ideal body weight, followed by a day to eat, eat a couple of weeks and then two days a week one