Item Description

This is the original 1965 IDEAL BEWITCHED SAMANTHA DOLL and she is stunning! She comes complete with her mint red dress, her mint red hat, her mint red pumps and her original mint panties. Samantha has her original hairstyle with the original rubberband and her original bobby pin. She also has her original broom, which was apparently broken in some way and then glued back together. This is how I received her from the original owner. Aside from the broom, every article of clothing is original to the doll and in MINT.  Worst case, this doll is a high C-9+ out of C-10 and a great find. Doll stand is not included.



FYI: I will accept reasonable trades and offers for items I am seeking. Please see my profile for details of what I want. Thanks in advance and have fun!