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Hello One Life To Live Fans,

I am selling off my back up promo copy of the 14 DVD set of 80 One Life To Live Episodes.

It includes the entire marathon that SoapNet partnered with ABC to release for a marathon to celebrate the Finale Broadcast Episodes and includes a tons of bonus episodes, footage and interviews.

I received this copy when I worked for SoapNet as a gift from my boss for this special event.
She also included a ton of episodes from her personal collection that were not aired in the marathon.
Being a long time employee of One Life To Live my boss had access to thousands of episodes and
these were personally selected by her for this set. I know there is a OLTL fan out there who will want this.

It was fun to relive all 80 episodes spanning over the course of over 40 years.
Any OLTL fan would have just as much fun as I did re-watching them.

*Note (some of the early episodes appear grainy and not up to date with HD television or
TV standards because no better quality exists unfortunately. They are all enjoyable though).

Below is the list of episodes as they appear in the set.

Disc One: 1976-1985
1976:Viki gives birth to Kevin. Dorian chats with Joe Riley. Pat and Tony visit Viki in the hospital.

1978: Viki visits her sick friend Irene Mannng and sends for Irene's daughter Tina Clayton. At Irene's hotel Viki spots Karen and Marco in a peculiar situation.

1979: Karen on the witness stand admits that she is a hooker/housewife.

1980: Jenny prays for Tony in the hospital. Bo takes Pat to Karen's surprise party. Larry and Karen discuss life a year after the trial. Pat and Karen make amends.

1981: Asa marries Sam but Olympia his first wife is after him. Ted Clayton laces Viki's drink to keep her away from Clint.

1981: Bo wants to be a bachelor and believes Clint is having an affair with Pat. Ted Clayton plans to marry Viki Riley and Ed Hall question Karen about Claude's remains. Later Marco takes Karen to lunch.

1985: Tina shows Viki the letter from Victor Lord stating she is Victor and Irene's daughter. Viki gets out her red wig and Niki Smith is freed.
DISC TWO: 1985-1987

1985: Niki Smith adjust to Landfair. Tina and Dorian declare war. Delialh tells Rafe her feelings while Dorian vents to Rafe. Asa meets Niki Smith

1985: Niki Smith and Bobbie Blue set Tina up while Delilah tired to convince her not to have an abortion. Dorian arranges for Asa and the children to spend Christmas together.

1986: Viki, Dorian and Tina open Victor Lord's letters left for them. Pamela visits Asa in the hospital.

1986: Clint and Viki get married. David and Jenny run for their lives in Austria and Cassie tires to convince Dorian to let her go to Austria

1987: A pregnant Tina goes over the Igazu falls in Argentina while her husband Cord and lover Max watch in horror. Gabrielle & Max argue.

1987: While undergoing an operation Viki has an out of body experience and wakes up in heaven with all her friends and family from the past.
DISC THREE : 1988-1990

1988: Viki travels back 100 years in time to 1888 to rescue Clint from the past and interrupts Clint's wedding to her great grandmother.

1988: Ursula plants a bomb in Tina's Wedding cake while she marries Cord in a double wedding ceremony with Asa and Renee. While Viki searches for clues about her lost daughter in New York City.

1989: Everyone trapped in Eterna is rescued.

Bonus: Gerald Anthony (Marco Dane) & Jessica Tuck (Megan Gordon) on GMA.

1989: The Daisy Awards. Megan wins Best Actress for her role on Fraternity Row after Spring Skye's plans backfire.

1989: Tina and Cord receive Royal Robes from Mendorra and pretend to be King and Queen for a day till Dorian returns Tina's call. Max tries to get Gabrielle to confess to switching the baby's.

1990: Max rescues Gabrielle from the convent. Clint and Viki fight. Dorian invites Bo and Sarah to Mendorra.
DISC FOUR: 1990- 1991

1990: In Mendorra Bo and Sarah and married but have to escape the evil prince of Mendorra on skies down a snow capped mountain.

1990: Viki is shot during the Outlook House Telethon on live TV while Jake blows up Badderly Island.

1990: Niki shoots Johhny Dee to protect Tina; Gabrielle stops by at the wrong time.

1991: Jake and Megan's Wedding. Bo, Alex and Cassie mingle at the reception.

1991: Alex tries to drown Cassie on Look Lake. Tina tells Cain disguised as Hudson King her life story for her biography.

1991: Sarah returns alive after Bo and Cassie's Wedding thanks to Alex who punches Cassie in her Wedding Dress after a fight.
DISC FIVE: 1992-1994

BONUS: Jessica Tuck on GMA

1992- Viki tells Megan the story of Niki Smith and Megan says her goodbyes to her family right before Jake shows up before it's too late.

BONUS: Ryan Philipe and EP Linda Gotlieb on GMA

1992: Billy Douglas comes out in front of the congregation and his parents. Andrew and Sloan add a piece to the AIDS Quilt.

1993: 25th Anniversary Show. Viki and Dorian get locked in the Secret Room and fight about the past. While Tina and Cain wait on Cord in the hospital Luna searches for Max.

1993: Nora cross examines Marty on the stand during the rape trail against Todd, Powell and Zach. Later, Cassie and Andrew tell Marty they are having a baby while Todd and the boys celebrate while Rachel and Kevin watch in disgust.

1994: Todd tries to kill Bo and Nora at the Beach house. Cassie brings home a baby she found in a manger.

1994: Alex and Asa's Egyptian wedding in Central Park begins with an entrance and an old fashioned Buchanan horse chase. Dorian keeps Joey from getting to the wedding on time.

DISC SIX- 1994-1995

1994: Viki leaves her wedding and walks in on Dorian's affair with Joey. Powell holds Todd at gunpoint, and David Vickers asks Tina to accept his proposal and secretly marry him.

BONUS: Nathan Fillion as Joey, Kristen T. screen test for Blair.

1995: Dorian confronts Viki about her brother, David Vickers, Irene's diary and Victor's murder. Viki turns to Tommy and pushed Dorian down the stairs. Jean Randolf appears for the first time also.

1995: Blair figures out Todd is the Lord heir. Todd runs into Jean and she also figures out the true heir is Todd. Jean tells Tina to get lost. Jean construct a room and feeds Dorian.

BONUS: Roger Howarth on getting hired and Erika Slezak on Jean.

1995: Bo and Nora rock down the aisle at their first wedding with help from Little Richard. While Todd pays "Viki" a visit and has her secret figured out.

BONUS: Tonya Walker, and the many faces of Victor Lord including rare clip of Gillian Anderson as Viki. (no words only seconds long)

1995: Todd and Blair's "Gold Wedding". Marty and Patrick sleep together. Kelly asks Joey to help her lose her virginity.

1995: Viki realizes she killed Victor Lord, or rather, her multiple Tori did, Meanwhile Dorian in arrested for his murder.

DISC SEVEN: 1996-1999

1996: Blair cuts off her hair in on front of Marty to not look like her and goes into premature labor with Starr. Viki has her day in court to plead her sanity. Kelly sees Joey and Dorian in bed together and runs into David Vickers.

1996: Dorian's book release for, "Sense and Sensuality" based on her affair with Joey. The Cramer woman stand together but Viki shuts her down. Kevin gets Cassie drunk. Tina moves to Balimore.

1997: New Years Eve: Dorian leaps down the stairs then recounts about her mother. Todd and Tea have Champagne together. Clint and Viki run off to Club Indigo together,

1998: Blair taunts Todd over Tea and custody of Starr. Tea leaves Todd and he is arrested of rape. Dorian talks to her mother looking for answers and remembers she killed her father.

1998: Dorian visits hell and Carlo Hesser is her guide.

1999: Viki tells Dorian Mel died on the plane and that it should of been her not him. Dorian breaks down in RJ's arms.

DISC EIGHT: 1999-2001

1999: Megan returns to take Jessica's baby Jessica to Heaven. Dorian explains to RJ how she ran Jessica down and killed her baby. Bo starts a manhunt for Jessica's hit and run.

2000: Viki tells Dorian she could have breast cancer. Bo asks a drunk Nora why she had to ruin his Wedding Day to Lindsey. Dorian leaves Llanview.

2000: Viki waits in her blood stained wedding dress for Ben to return to her. Blair shoots Todd in the back after a mental breakdown.

2001: Todd and Blair's Wedding Day only Todd exposes the town's secrets.

2001: Natalie tells Viki she is her daughter. Todd lies to Blair and tells her that her baby died.

2001: Viki meets Roxy the woman who raised Natalie. Todd wants to marry Blair and she accepts as long as Starr keeps her secret.

DISC NINE: 2001-2003

2001: All of Asa's wives turn out for his faux funeral. Adjusting to the news that she is a Buchanan Natalie makes an angry appearance at the service after Alison get's her going. Todd asks David Vickers where his baby is.

2002: Todd and Blair reminisce on their wedding anniversary. Bo catches Gabrielle wearing a stolen dress. Blair sings. And Natalie slaps Jessica after she catches her kissing Seth. They fight and someone goes down the stairs.

2002: One of the show's live episodes. Niki is desperate to get out of Viki's marriage to Ben. Blair confronts Todd for lying to her that their baby died. Tea returns. Natalie warns Jen about Al. Al tells Max he wants nothing to do with him.

2002: Rex wakes up at Llandfair after moving in with his sisters. Rex reunites with Roxy. Gabrielle finds out Max and Roxy were married.
2002: Todd, Tea and Ross trapped in the South Pacific. Niki drugs Natalie and throws Ben out the window once he figures out she is not Viki.

2003: Viki comes face to face with her father Victor Lord who is alive and trying to steal Natalie's heart. Mitch reveals to Victor that Jessica and Natalie are twins.

DISC TEN: 2003-2006

2003: Viki and Dorian are stranded in a cave together. Dorian and Viki drink together. Rex and Jen find Karen's body left by the Music Box Killer. Luna returns to help Al figure out he is Michael McBain now. Paul Cramer and Babe talk.

2004: Jenn catches Rex kissing her mother Lindsey. Evangeline tells Todd Marty Saybrooke wants to talk to him. John saves Natalie from the Music Box Killer. Starr gets Todd and Blair handcuffed together so they can talk.

2004: Bo, Nora and Matthew go camping. Viki needs a heart transplant and says her goodbyes to Ben. After a talk from Dorian, Ben dies. Nigel tells Roxy he loves her.

2004: Viki catches the striptease at Ultra Violet. Todd and Blair make love on the Buchanan family home after a battle with Renee over it. Duke arrives home. John and Natalie share a moment. Later Natalie walk in on John and Evangeline. Rex and Paul include Natalie in their plan.

2005: In the hospital after being rescued from the pit, Natalie shares her feelings with John. Plus Jess tries to tell Nash that she's not Tess, but Tess takes her over. Rex thanks Evangeline for saving Natalie.

2006: Tess confronts Niki Smith about why she exists and blames her. Nass searches for Jessica.

DISC ELEVEN: 2006-2008

2006: As he awaits his execution an emotional Todd gives his final goodbyes to his loved ones. Meanwhile John has the evidence to prove Todd is innocent, but can he get to the prison in time? Plus Antonio pleads with Tess as he tries to get through to Jessica.

2007: 10,000th Episode. Nathan Fillion's Joey, Kevin, Max, Cord and Alex and are back for Asa's memorial. While Viki and Dorian get stuck in Asa's wine cellar together. Bo and Clint have a heart to heart.

2007: Addie fully recovers from her illness for a Christmas Miracle. In Paris, Texas Rex and Gigi reunite after years. Viki and Charlie share their 1st kiss.

BONUS: Kristen Alderson (Starr) and (Cole) on The View

2008: Dorian takes over BE. Natalie is outted as dating Jared, the man that claims to be her uncle. Viki finds Charlie in the alley of Roadie's smashed. Jared pushed Nash out a sky window to his death.

BONUS: Andrea Evans (Tina) on The View

2008; 40th Anniversary Show. Asa, Carlo Hesser, Niki Smith, Mel, Ben, Original Jessica as baby Megan, Tina, Cain and Agnes Nixon all return. Viki Dies. Sarah goes over the falls in Mendorra. Dorian gives Viki a shot of Adrenaline to her heart. Bo and Rex go back in time to 1968 and Viki goes back to Heaven.

BONUS: Erika Slezak (Viki) and Bob Woods (Bo) on The View.

DISC TWELVE: 2008-2010

2008: Starr gives birth to Hope, she bonds with Blair and Marcie. Todd decided not to steal her baby, but Bess does instead. Viki saves Natalie and Jared from a bomb in the secret room. John reveals to Marty it was Todd who raped her.

2009: Blair wakes up to Todd. Marty wakes up to Wes dead in her bed. The Buchanas wake up after tying one on and playing strip poker. David and Dorian prepare for taking over the Buchanan fortune!

2009: Dorian and Blair have crazy cat lady fantasies. Viki and Nora get married to Charlie and Clint. But not before Dorian and Blair crash the ceremony. Rex tries to kick Stacey out.

2009: Todd and Tea tell Dani that Todd is her real father and not Ross. Viki is elected Mayor. Dorian finds out Marco's vote cost her the election. Rex tells Bo he thinks Mitch is his father but wishes it was Bo. Skylar tells Stacey he wants to be in the plan to break up Rex and Gigi. Kyle and Fish share a moment.

2010: Starr and cole dance at the end of prom. Marco catches Langston and Ford in an embrace. Jessica sees Christian propose to Layla and tells Brody. Marty leaves John so he can be with Natalie. Natalie spills her feelings to Roxy over Whisky.

2010: In front of family and friends Bo and Nora are re-married by David Vickers in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

DISC THIRTEEN: 2011-2012

2011: Erika Slezak 40th Anniversary Show. In Court Niki Smith fails to secure custody of Ryder from Tess and Ford. Locked in her mind Viki releases Jean from her cell and puts Niki Smith back in.

2011: The David "Vickerman" Movie Premeire but all goes awry when the movie is switched with Nate's porno, "Hold The Diploma". Todd comes to face to face with the other Todd and his family.

2011: Irene Manning returns to tell the story of the Two Todds, Tina, her death and Victor Lord. Jr. (2 Episodes)

2011: Clint and Cord discuss reuniting with Viki and Tina. Blair and Todd look back over their relationship. Tina and Viki reconcile. Jessica and Ford wait for Liam results.

2012: In a heavenly rescue Gabrielle visits Bo. Megan Visits Viki. And Luna saves Coles life. Clint goes to hell and sees Stacey who wants her damn heart back. While Bobby Ford sees daddy Ford again.

2012: The Finale episode of the original broadcast run. Destiny gives Birth to Matthew's baby. Clint proposes to Viki. Natalie and Jessica find out they are full twins and both Clint and Viki's daughters.

BONUS DISC: Dreams and Fantasies

2001: Trading Places
2002: Babes Behind Bars
2003: Fans Dreams Episodes
2004: Viki's Death Dream
2007: Fairytales Episode
2012: Fraternity Row, Roxy's Dream Episode
Fantasy Clips (Tina & Max, Viki & Dorian, Tina & Cord, Luna & Tina, ect.)
The View OLTL Tribute Show