Item Description
Playgirl Magazine

Year **** 1979

Month **** January

Featuring **** Robert Van Cleve, Jesse Cutler, Brian Dawson, Norbert Blecha, Stephen Taylor, Lenny Thompson, Michael Montelbano, Dennis Durrell, Marc Gartman, C.W. Mundy, Jeremy Alves, Scott Dutton, Steve D'Auria, Howie Gordon. Guys Next Door- Joe Sherburne, Andy Shafer, Gary Taylor, Wilhelm Von Rappold, Michael Jones, Richard Relak, Jeff Munoy, Bill Gatewood, Matt Ely, Don Cumberland, Steve Rogers, Bob Schneider, Ron Jenkins, Marvin Nooks, William Saylor

Articles/Interviews **** How Kinky Are You?, Bondage, Christopher Reeve, Men Who Fool Around, How to Get Famous, Great Getaways, Swimsuits, Diet, His Tern, Food, Erotic Fantasies, Books, Film, Music, Television and more!

Condition **** "9" out of "10" rating, very clean