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 Parent Trap 3 & 4 Both On DVD

You will recieve both rare movies in this ad! They will come complete with coverart, and labels. Shipping will be $3.00 for the US residents and $6.50 for anywhere else! Will be shipped within 72 hours of a payment.


Parent Trap III

When Jeff plans to marry again, his triplet daughters Megan, Lisa and Jessie try to bring him together with Susan. The triplets, Megan, Jessie and Lisa Wyatt have all returned from their summer vacations to discover that their father Jeffrey is getting married to snob Cassie McGuire. When Cassie hires decorator Susan Ever to redecorate their home, the triplets believe Susan is the right woman for their father. The planning begins...


Parent Trap Hawaiian Honeymoon IV

Inheriting a family resort in Hawaii, the Wyatts find it in such a run-down condition that they decide to sell it after trying to fix it up. Amidst confusing goings-on among the triplet teenage girls and the boys they meet, Jeffrey meets an old high school rival who promises to keep the resort as-is if Jeffrey will sell it to him. He has other plans in mind, however, and they are not limited merely to Jeffrey's resort.