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2000mw 532nm green laser pointer burst balloon burn match
burn match in 5 second
if you feel Incredible ,leave your email .i will email the vedio for
Unique High Powered green Laser Pointer .
It can be operated One 18650 battery (Included).
Focusable lens. Visible beam in daytime. Safety Key switch design
-- prevents children/unauthorized persons from harming themselves.
Sealed design prevents dusts from going in. Great for pointing
objects from long distance, such as stars. Range in excess of
10,000 ft.
1. 1* laser pointer
2.1*battery 18650
Attention : the - is inside, the + is outside.
Adjustable Focus Green Laser Flashlight
battery installation:
unscrewing the back cover and put the battery ,inserting the key and rotate it,red spot means off,green spot means on.
operation instructions:
install the battery,use thumb to press and hold swith,the adjustable focus green laser flashlight begans to will turn off after release
how to burn a match?
let it shoot on the surface of a deep color's object or black between 100mm to 150mm after opening the laser flashlight,then turn the screw to right with the smallest focal pointer that it's more easy to burn match within a short time.