Item Description

Each movie listed is seprate for $10.00 plus shipping and haddling.


All movies transfer from VCR-tape on to DVD +R. All on EP (2hr) seed.

No art work avaliable and comes in white envelopes.

Shipped in padded envelopes.

Just found orginal first aired VCR tapes for several Disney Sunday Night Movies. 

With out Commerisals

Some have the lead in's with Isner  these have * after them.

May have a few more just ask.

Disney movies from the 1980's & 1990's  

Mr. Boogedy (Apr. 20, 1986) 45min *

Hero in the Family (Sept28, 1986) *

Little Spies (Oct. 5, 1986)* Mickey Rooney/Canduce Cameron

The B.R.A.T. Patrol (Oct. 26, 1986) *   Sean Austin

Ask Max (Nov. 2, 1986) * Jeff B.

The Leftovers (Nov. 16, 1986) * John Denver/Cindy Williams

Sunday Drive (Nov. 30, 1986) * Carrie Fisher

Double Agent (Mar. 29, 1987) * Michael Mckean

The Bride of Boogedy (Apr. 12, 1987) 1 1/2 hrs

Not Quite Human  (Dec. 27, 1987)   

Not Quite Human  2 

Parent Trap 3 (Apr. 9, 1989) * Hally Milles/The Triples/Barry Bostivick/Patricia Richardson 

Exile (Jan. 14, 1990) Cory Feldman

Still Not Quite Human 3 (Apr. 1, 1990)

Big Girls Don't Cry (1992) 

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