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Brand Sliming
Product type Tea
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Item Description
Sliming herb tea bag Slimming fit fat weight loss
Quantity - 1 box per order
Net Weight - 41g.
Contains - 50 teabags per box

Would you like to make yourself feel good with your body?
Get your belly away today….This product is very popular
among over-weight person. It helps you reducing your big tummy and
enjoys a Sliming life without belly attached! Many customers from
EU are in love with this product.

One customer says “I feel I can eat what I want and not
gain weight because the tea will poop it all out.”

- Active ingredient from Chinese & Asian traditional formula (Camellia Seed, Camille Flower, Hawthorn Grain, Large Hawthorn Grain, Morning Glory Flower, Sterling Bean, Radish Leaf, Red Bean).
- A kind of Laxative tea

- Suitable for the over-weighted person who do not want to control food.
- Appropriate for both male and female.

- Do not use boiling or hot water. Do not boil Sliming.
- Simply pour cold water over a tea bag of Sliming and let steep for about 30 minutes.
- Sip only the clear tea.
- First week, try only one dose one time daily before sleeping.
(Bewares the first day or two of use, you will be cleaned out.)
- After that apply one dose two times daily to be taken in the morning and before sleeping.

Product of German Herb (Thai) & Co.
Made in Thailand

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