Item Description
Brand New   South Korea   Herbal Foot Patchs for Weight Loss and Detoxification
50 pcs, Free Shipping
This   brand new high-quality   Korea Foot Patch is made from Green alga
which is a second-generation anti-fat ingredient.
Korea   Foot Patch help the over fat person to lose weight,
and keep the long lasting reducing result.

It can destroy fat chain to decompose and release fat.
Bamboo powder, green alga extract, shell polyose, vegetable fiber, foot salt

Open the sachet and peel off the patch from its protective seal.
Paste the powder bag on the patch
Apply the patch on
For optimal diffusion of the active ingredients, leave the patch on for several hours - 12 hours maximum. Apply during the overnight.
the center of your one or two feet. To ensure the patch sticks well to your foot, smooth it down several times with the flat of your hand, particularly on the corners.
How to use the foot Patch
1) Remove the larger piece from the adhesive sheet and discard. Place the side of the pad that has the wording onto the adhesive plaster.
2) Place the Foot Patch onto its center, making sure that the writing on the sachets is facing down toward the adhesive surface.
3) Stick and spread firmly onto the sole of your foot. For best results, put them on some time before btime, you can wear them around the house, if you sleep less than 8 hours.
before removing the Foot Patches. They can be us on other parts of the body where you feel pain. The pads may feel warm ter you have put them on. During the night the pads will become dark in color   as they absorb toxins and waste matter from your body.   They may also become sticky depending on the levels of toxins present.   Wear the pads for at least 8 hours a night for imum effect.   The more toxins you have in your body the darker the patch will be when remov.   With continu use the pads will become lighter. You may detox in a few days or take longer depending on the state your body is in! When the pad is pale your body is pure.     the foot patches can help prevent kicking them off during the night.
1. Foot Patches work best when plac on the soles of the feet.
2. They can be us any time but it is preferable overnight as you sleep. Socks worn over.  Additional Note the eye area. The Foot Patch can however be very effectively plac over other areas of the body where you are. The Foot Patch should not be plac over open wounds, mucous membranes, or around experiencing pain, discomfort or swelling. When using on to better ensure optimal contact of the Takara Foot Patches with the skin. Additionally, the non-foil backing of the patches ensures the potency and effectiveness of the ingrients, to imize your cleansing experience. to use some form of adhesive tape or product ( band-aids or mical tape)any area where the skin is naturally moist, oily, curvy or prone to motion; it will help 4/ Allow 8 to 12 hours for toxins to be fully absorb from your body
Why apply it to the soles of the feet?
According to Chinese mical knowe, our human body has over 360 acupuncture points, with more than 60 acupuncture points found on the soles of the foot. Known as the second heart? they are the reflective zones of our mor internal organs, they are   also potential homes for toxins. When the blood circulates to the soles, the Foot Patch sachet can absorb toxins releas from the acupuncture points. The Foot Patch comes in a white sachet that is appli to the soles of the feet. ter only one night of body detox, there may be significant changes to the smell and color of the sachet (from brown to grayish black) as it reflects the amount and degree of toxins which were extract from the body. With continuous usage, there should be a visible ruction in the stain and odor of the sachet.
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