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Brand Weight loss results var i = 0;
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Brand:Botanical Slimming Botanical Slimming Purely natural soft
capsuleExtracts from plants, being safe without any toxicity, and
highlyefficacious. Getting slim just on the day when taking it.
Thisproducts adopts many kinds of natural plants that possess
thefunction of slimming and keeping nice figure. These plants, such
asnice slimming grass, jobstears, tarragon, psyllium shell,
hoofbamboo shoot, lotus and etc, are carefully extracted and
purifiedwith modern advanced technology for the product whose
functiontheory is as follows: 1. Restrain the activity of lipase in
stomachand intestinal canal to enable the fat in the taken food not
to beabsorbed by the body. This effect is shown in the form of
defecatewith fat (oil) nature, which means people could excrete the
equalquantity of fat as that has been taken. 2. Improve the
metabolismand basic metabolism ratio (BMR) of fat, which means to
increasethe consumption of human body energy. The body fat would be
brokenup into heat, carbon dioxide and water. This product could
not onlyreduce the redundant fat, but could also supplement many
kinds ofamino acid and trace element such as copper, iron,
phosphorus,calcium, potassium, zinc and selenium. In the mean
while, it canactivate body cells and make balance over body
microcirculationwhile eliminating the long-term accumulated
toxicity elements. Thusit possesses the unique slimming,
toxicity-eliminating andfat-adjusting function. Suited age
group:beyond 16 and below 65Precaution: Not applicable for woman in
pregnancy and attentionshould be paid for person with a
cardiovascular disease andapoplexy history. Product specification:
650mg x 12 capsules x 3pieces Approval code: WSJZ (2002) No. 0047
Producing standard:GB1749-1997 Usage & Dosage: 1time, 1time/day
Producer: KuminIndustry & Trade Co., Ltd
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