Item Description
* . Each package has 10 tablets * . Total: 30 tablets - 30 day supply * . Expiration Date: . 10/2011 * . FRESHLY SEALED "Zhen De Shou kind of botanical sliming medicine. . In the old and mysterious primitive forest of Shennongjia there grows a kind of plant crataegus pinnatifida, which is also popularly called Shenxlanye (fairyleaves). . EPT experts found that this crataegus pinnatifida has magic effect for slimming. . In Shennongjia Natural Reserve, tourists can taste smell bean curd cooked in water with fairy leaves. . Local people all are familiar with the experience that if a person takes (eats) fairy leaves, he will reduce weight by 1.5-4 kg. "1. . Sliming theory applied by Zhen De Shou: . 1) Consuming surplus fat: . Zhen De Shou contains active ingredients that can activate fat metabolism and change white cells of fat depot into brown cells for heat production. . White cells of fat depot exist in great amount in parts such as belly, waist, arms and buttocks. . 2) Curbing the absorption of fat: . Konjac contained in fairy leaves can curb the activity of lipase and cut the absorption of fat by intestinal canal. . Other ingrediants in konjac have strong appetence with fat contained in food and these ingredients and fat can change into non-absorbing compound and be discha rged. . 3) Controlling the intaking of energy. . In human body, konjac can be decomposed three natural subtances that consume heat in human body and thus prevent heat from forming fat . . In the process, the slimmer has a feeling of hungriness. "2. . Four features of Zhen De Shou: . 1)Slimming rapidly. Weigth can be reduced by 2.55 kg. within a period of 10 days. . 2) Being in accordance with the five principles of WHO. . No anorexia, no diarrhea, no acratia, no anhydration and no recurrence. . 3) Targeted slimming. Have strong effects for reducing fat in waist, belly, thigh and buttocks. . 4) Slimmers can measure the effect of slimming. . Every day slimmers will have a pleasant feeling of fat reduction. "3. . Zhen De Shou. different every day: . 1) On the first day you will feel rapid heating in your belly. . 2) At the night of the first day you will feel fat on eight side of belly is trembling slightly. . 3) In the morning of the second day, you come to water closet and all the wastes converted from fat will be discha rged. . You will feel that you are relaxed. . 4) On the third day, all of the deposited fat in gut and blood vessel with have been discha rged. . 5) On the morning of the fifth day you will find your face has become vital and beautiful. . What a pleasant suprise! . 6) On the sixth day you will feel that your whole body has been vitalized by a stong qi in your body. . The process of fat decomposition is progressing rapidly. . Measuring your waistline, you will find that your waistline has been reduced by 25 cm. and your weight has been reduced by 13 kg. . Wow, so great! . 7) On the tenth day your weight has been reduced by 2.55 kg. . Wearing fashionable dress and walking in the street, you will attract eyes of millions of men.