Item Description

60 Capsules/ box

fat burnning , made in HongKong


100% Natural
Firming        Improving        whitening    Maintaining



The Imelda Perfect Slim have unique especially good effect, it can help to reduce fat, discharging grease, flaming grease, totally body slim , so it cannot compare with same kinds of heath care product.
  Adopts the advanced science method, leaches from Ebony, Fox-nut, plan essence ingredients.  Stable quality, to provide the best of health care foodstuff to consumer.  Nature plant essence, can accelerate metabolism, increase full feeling, decrease absorption, keep perfect stature.
APPLICATIONS:  It will appear flab after took any medicine of reduce weight, simple obesity, adolescence obesity and abdominal fatness, abdomen, stern, neck, arm, whole body, etc. 


  Improving,  Firming and whitening your skin, it should be specialized contrapose
in flab of skin and sarcous for reducing weight and post partum. It can improve immunity, 
decrease the fat in hemoaccess. It can make you lightness posture and reversed elasticity.
It will be aglow with health beam and achieve the best effect of cultivate your morality.

How to take:

4 capsules before breakfast in morning.

Our suggestion??? Drink 8 glasses of water or baove in everyday. 

** For those patients with serious heart disease, thyrodi, pregnant women and under 16-year-old are inapplicability. Slow effect if the person who is bibulous or interest in the thickest tea.


Compliance with WHO standard


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