Item Description
Amber, Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue or Clear 5 or 6 Arm Tree Perc 14.5mm or 18.9mm Ash Catchers - Glass on glass -

We are switching over to 6 arm trees in these percs. You will either receive a 5 arm or a 6 arm. When we run out of 5 arms the price will go up a little for the 6 arms only, but for now we are substituting the 6 arm for no extra cost if the 5 arm you choose is out of stock! (6 arms pictured. 5 arms look identical, except w/5 arms)

All are good quality ashcatchers made by one of our long term suppliers.

Just shoot us a quick email or message after you purchase letting us know your color and size preferences. If you forget we will message you and ask!

Free Hemp Wick Sample (10') with every shipment!