Item Description
African Superman is a performance drug that enables you to
achieve a rock hard penis at will. Unlike Viagra, when African
Superman is used, you get a hard penis, you can go for as long as
you want and when you ejaculate, you have the choice to either stop
or carry on. When you are not having sex, your penis is dormant but
at the slightest stroke or just thinking about sex and you're up
again, there is no limit to erection. African Superman not only
makes your penis hard, it makes it fuller and stretches it out.
Using it can increase penis length by 2 inches.African Superman
comes in the form of a pill and is made from 100% natural products.
There are absolutely no side effects. There are 8 pills in a pack
African Superman [Ingredients]Ginseng,scalper's penis,Chinese
matrimony-vine,pilose antler of young stags,longan
sarcocarp,lily,buffalo's penis etc.. [Functions]Restores energy and
reproduces blood,improves the kidney function,solves(Consava)
impotence and the early ejaculation,helps those who lifts but not
firm,lacks the ability to perform sex well,slow erection,increases
the size of penis,postpones the time of ejaculation. [Target
Crowd]Male adults who are physically weak with a kidney
(Consava)dysfunction,postpones the time of ejaculation. [Usage and
Amount]Take one grain of the "African Superman" Top-Class
Permanence Capsule 10 minutes before the sexual intercourse.
[[Storage]Sealed in cool and dry environment. [Executing
Standard]Q/LZF-012-2006. [Authorized Document Number]Initial Tibet
Wei Shizhun(2006)No.077
1.Hypertension,heart disease,diabetes patientsare secured to
2.No addiction,non-toxic and side effeets free;
3.The effect would not be affected by alcohol.