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Model Sy 1121
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Item Description
Beauty set SY-1121 multi-function beauty care massager by 2AA batteries(not included),have 5 accessories
1、 Away form dry ,rough, or sensitive skin , and skin with acne or skin be burned-out.
2、 Softly and equably massage your skin with cleaning brush.
3、 Please use less time than as suggested to tend your neck, as the neck has a thin skin
4、 Tide the accessories termly to make them durable for use.
5、 Please keep the accessories away from children
6、 Please use elastic to enlace your hair to avoid it estoping your face and entwining in the accessories
Leaves in your care
Please ensure to clean the whole unit after every use.
Please do not use alcohol ,gas,or arenaceous detergent to clean all the plastic.
1、 Clean all the accessories in the tap water ,and keep the temperature with in 50℃
2、 Keep the inner part of the Cleaning brush clean.Secret:put the fluff under warm water to turn it into original shape if it becomesannamorphic after cleaning
3、 Please air-dry the unit original packing for next use
Please be sure to take the batteries out afer every use