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USB Rechargeable Flash Drive Voice Recorder (4GB)
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It’s great when we see old products with a new twist. This USB flash drive looks normal and features 4GB of memory. It utilizes USB 2.0 and has a 600mAh battery. The new twist is the voice recorder built-in. It records audio in wave format and can store up to 70 hours of recorded media directly to the device. It has a working time of 15 hours from a single charge. It’s great for students recording notes or to get that information from that important meeting saved safely and of course you can use it to spy on someone nearby.

- Capacity: 4GB (can store about 70 hours long voice recording file)
- Audio format: WAV
- Bit rate: 128Kbps
- Built-in 600mAh lithium battery
- Working time: about 15 hours
- Can be used as normal USB flash drive

Item: USB Rechargeable Flash Drive Voice Recorder (4GB)
Dimensions: 2.76 in x 0.79 in x 0.31 in (7.0 cm x 2.0 cm x 0.8 cm)
Weight: 0.95 oz (27 g)