Item Description
Hanimex TZ2500 auto bounce flash unit in good working order and excellent cosmetic condition. The unit can be set to fire just the bounce flash or both the bounce flash and the straight-ahead flash underneath the bounce flash. The bounce flash had detents at rotation angles of 45, 60, 75, and 90 degrees. The bounce flash can be adjusted to tailor the flash output for 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm focal lengths (when using the full-frame 35mm format). The color coding in the flash calculator printed on the rear of the unit suggests the data is for a bounce angle of 60 degrees, from which I estimate a guide number of 80 feet for ISO 100. The bounce flash diagram at the top of the flash calculator suggests guide numbers (at ISO 100) of 53 feet and 40 feet for bounce flash angles of 75 and 90 degrees, respectively. I would guess the flash calculator assumes a low white ceiling for the flash to bounce light off of. It is not clear what focal length the flash calculator assumes, but I would guess that the guide number would apply to longer focal lengths and would have to be reduced for shorter focal lengths. The flash is a little slow to charge, probably because it has to extract an optimistic guide number from only two AA batteries.

The flash fired when I put a pair of AA batteries into it (batteries not included in the auction) and triggered it through the hot shoe contact on a 35mm SLR camera. The battery compartment is clean and does not have any corrosion. This unit was made in Japan.

If the buyer finds a mechanical or eletrical defect within 7 days after receiving it, he or she can return it for a full refund of the purchase price and shipping.

When making an offer, please keep in mind that I will need $6 for Priority Mail within the U.S., $6 for First Class to Canada, or $12 for First Class to most other countries. If a buyer purchases two or more of my items I will combine shipping to save money for the buyer.