Item Description
This is the highest
quality and most complete Sugar Shane Mosley set out there.

Fights are shown below and include very rare extras as well
as all the new fights and countdowns.

Excellent quality guaranteed, quality ratings for early
fights are shown.
Sugar Shane
Disc a:
Cassamonnica (ama); Stevie Johnston (ama fair quality);
Marovic(ama); Puente (Pro Debut - rare cam); Pey Castillo (rare
cam); Urias (rare cam); Pena; Rodriguez;
Bryant (rare -
Valenzuela (from
Euro TV);

Disc 1: Ramirez;
Felix; Holiday; Gomez ; Ceballos;
Disc 2: Molina;
Ruiz; Morales
Disc 3: Leija; Johnson
Disc 4: Brown; Rivera
Disc 5: Wise; De La Hoya I
Disc 6: Diaz; Taylor: Stone
Disc 7: Forrest 1 and 2
Disc 8: Marquez; De La Hoya 2
Disc 9: Wright 1 and 2
Disc 10: Estrada; Cruz
Disc 11: Countdown to Vargas vs Mosley I; Vargas I; Vargas II
Disc 11 b : Countdown to Vargas vs Mosley II; Mosley's big
hits; Vargas's big hits; preview/build up to fight 2
Disc 12: Collazo ; Mayorga
Disc 13: Countdown to Cotto-Mosley; Mosley vs Cotto
Disc 14: Margarito
Disc 15:Mayweather Mosley 24/7 (4 episodes); PPV preview show; 8 short
interview videos
Disc 16: Mayweather
Disc 17: Pacquiao Mosley 24/7 (4 episodes)
Disc 18: Pacquiao vs Mosley
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