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#1 Xbox 360 Mod/Repair Service

iXtreme 1.61 LT released!

Notice! Since the increase in business, all repairs time frame have changed.

Average repair time EFFECT NOW Dec. 09, 2009

1-3 business Days. - thank you for your understanding!

We Guarantee All Our Work

We Now Offer: RROD, Video Display Loss, or Any Other ERROR CODE. WE CAN FIX IT!  

Available Service:  Current Pricing :
prices are effective as of:  September 27, 2009   Shipping Charges are a Flat FEE of $15.00 Dollars!  

All Standard Repair come with a 30 Day Warranty! 
All Premium Repair come with a 9 Month Warranty! 
Additional Coverage $35 Repair Coverage add on Service -  (1 yr Warranty) 

#1 Xbox 360 Mod/Repair Service

Cost + Shipping
iXtreme Mod Service $30.00   + Shipping
Update Previous  Firmware Version $10.00   + Shipping
Standard Average Method! - Xbox 360 Repair Service $20.00   + Shipping
Premium!   Re-Flow CPU/GPU and add X-Clamp Stabilize the CPU/GPU $30.00   + Shipping
Replace your Broken, Defective 360 DVD Drive $35.00   + Shipping
Full Xbox 360 Cleaning - Dust Can Cause RROD!  
Standard Repair + Mod Service $50.00   + Shipping
1yr  Extended Warranty Offer On Repair Service $35.00   + Shipping
   Yes We Price Match Any Established Service Learn More...
 Xbox 360 Pre Mod Systems – HDMI Port (Yes) - Jasper (Yes) $289.99 + FREE

  We will no longer provide backing up games for your original disc service!  


We DO NOT charge a Labor Fee! What you see, Is what it Cost!   

·          The DVD Drive Repair will get you a Brand New Drive Installed. ·          Plus pays for the Labor Cost! ·          If your Xbox 360 DVD Drive no longer plays your 360 Games, Disc Read Error, Drive making Noise - Why replace the laser - Cheaper to just get a Brand New Drive!  

The ERROR Code Fix Repair we offer will FIX Any Error Code you are having problems with. The cost also includes Labor Fees. So we do Not Charge you extra for Labor Fees!

·          We have our website up and running at ·          With our Great Thanks to all our sells will still go through them.

We can Mod any Xbox 360 System to Date: Current Firmware is: IXtreme 1.6 NEW!     1.     Hitachi - (1.51  ) 2.     Toshiba/Samsung  (1.61)    3.     Phillips BenQ   (1.61) 4.      Phillips Lite-On ( 1.6)

Details : ·          Get your Xbox 360 Professionally Modded to Play Your Original Backed-Up Xbox & Xbox 360 Games. ·          Repair Services : X-Clamp Fix Hybrid, Reflow with Prof. BGA Rework Station (View Picture Below), DVD-Drive repairs, DVD-Drive Flashing(ALL), Local or Shipped systems  

Details On How The Modification Works: ·          The  iXtreme Firmware is  Flashed to the  DVD Drive of the  Xbox 360 Console ; After this is done, then your Xbox 360 Console is able to Read/Play any game that is  burned onto  DVD-R Double Layer Disc (8.5gb) .

  Details on Repair Service: ·          Is your console have the RROD (3 Red Light Error), Video Data Loss, or any of these Errors we will get it back up and running in 24 hrs. ·          YES, we will fix your Xbox 360 and then MOD it with the latest iXtreme Firmware.

Shipping Turn Around Time: ·          Once we get your Xbox 360 we either send it out the same day we receive your Xbox 360 Console; or we will send it out the next day by:  USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Business Days! ·          Yes, you will receive a tracking number for you to follow your Xbox 360 back to you. ·          Your tracking number will come from - If you did not receive one please feel free to request us to re send it to you.

How Does It Work ? ·          Send eMods.Net your Xbox 360 Game Console Only, We will Mod it with the Latest Updated iXtreme Firmware to play All Xbox (   View List   ) & Xbox 360 Games. ·          There is  No Soldering or Mod Chip added or even needed! ·          Your Xbox 360 will be flashed with the Latest iXtreme Firmware for it to be able to Read backup Xbox and Xbox 360 Games. ·          Yes, you are also still be able to play your Original Xbox 360 or Xbox Game Disc. ·          Yes, you can play on XBL. (Certain Conditions Apply!) When we state (  Certain Conditions Apply! ), We mean any time that you Alter or Change your Xbox 360 Console from what Microsoft Warranty Terms and Conditions are; then you know you will no longer be covered or protected under their Policy and Terms they have stated!

Can I do it myself?    ·          YES, BUT WHY RISK BREAKING YOUR XBOX 360. ·          We have notice a HIGH rate bricked drives! At Your Own Risk!  ·          WHY TAKE THE RISK OF BREAKING YOUR XBOX 360 DOING IT YOUR SELF! ·          Plus, the New Lite-On DVD Drives need a CK3 tool for you to mod your Xbox 360. ·          We have all the Software, Hardware and Knowledge Already to Mod your System. ·          So in the time you are trying to learn to Mod your Xbox 360 Console, it could be done Already!

Worry Free Guarantee: ·          EMods.Net Xbox Service guarantees all our work 100%. ·          Your Xbox 360 will be returned to you with 4-5 business days of us Receiving your System ·          Your Xbox will appear to never have been Open! ·          We have Modded over 2,801 systems to Date!   As Of: Sept 04 - 2009 ·          We are very Proud and Thankful for all our loyal Customers of Xbox 360 Service!

Update Notice: ·          With all our customers we send out a update notice letting you know that there are new updates for your Modded system; ·          If not check back at  eMods.Net   for any changes! Thank you! ·          $10 + $15 shipping to update your system (Only Available to Current Customers with Modded systems! )

Refer A Friend: ·          Thank you for viewing and using our service. ·          Please tell all your Friends about this Service. Thank you! ·          We do Reward you for spreading the word!  Ask How?

How to Pay: ·          We now Accept Payment through ·          Also, payment must be paid at time of sale! Thank you for your understanding. ·          UPDATE: We no longer accept payment by: Money Order, Cashier Check, and Check. Thank you for your understand. ·          The Only way we accept payments through Money Orders, are on a Case by Case Status, please feel free to contact us at: ·              cfaq (at) emods (dot) net   = Frequent Asked Questions Xbox 360 must be received within 10 Business days, or contact us to keep us posted on when you are able to send your Xbox 360 to us. ·          Why is my payment do at time of sale? ·          This is due to the Fee that charge us for the current Sale. ·          THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING!

Shipping your Xbox 360: ·          You pay for your Xbox 360 to be shipped to us. ·          The shipping cost paid to us at time of sale, is for shipping the Xbox 360 back to you, by Priority Mail 2-3 Business Days. ·          We recommend that you get Insurance on your package. ·          Package your Xbox 360 with Care! ·          Please include a Print out of the Invoice of your purchase; so we are able to process your order faster. ·          If a invoice is not included expect delays!

How we ship your Xbox 360 back to you: ·          We ship through United States Postal Service  (USPS) ·          Priority Mail Flat Rate Service ·          2 - 3 Business Days (Time Frame) ·          We send you a Confirmation Number for you to track your Xbox 360 back to you; if you do not get one from us please feel free to contact us and let us know, so we can re send it to you. ·          We try our best to make sure every customer gets a Confirmation Number.

Q's & A's: ·          Q: Does the mod cause the RROD, DVD Drive Laser to No longer to work? ·          A:  NO, nothing is affected when you flash the DVD Drive Firmware.         If you have any questions for us please feel free to contact us at: cfaq (at) emods (dot) net

Disclaimer:   updated please read EMods.Net or eMods.Net Team in no way Condone Piracy! EMods.Net or eMods.Net Team will   NOT sell games or Backups (WE NO LONGER WILL PROVIDE BACKING UP YOUR ORIGINAL GAMES SERVICE!) that you have a Copy of that Original Game! Our products are only intended for playing legitimate backup of your original games and homebrew software in territories whose legislations allow this. We shall assume or take no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any misuse of our services or for any loss that may occur from distributing, using or selling our products and/or services. Trademarks are copyright by their respective owners. By using and viewing this site and/or any of our products and/or service's you implicitly agree to the above terms and conditions. If you do not agree you must not use this website or any of our products and/or service's that eMods.Net provides through our website or site.

Other Selling Info: ·          EMods.Net    Reserve The Right To Deny Service to Anyone. ·          If you receive your Xbox 360 from us and it appears to be damaged or sounds damaged; DO NOT OPEN IT OR ACCEPT IT. Simple deny the packaged and have them Return it to     eMods.Net .   If you do not do this, eMods.Net is no longer responsible for your package!    ·          By Modding Your System you are held Responsible for your Own Action.    ·          We only Provide the Service of Modding your System, Other Service are in the works. Check Back! ·          When asking for backups you agree that you already own an original copy of that game and are just receiving an extra copy just in case the original disc is damaged beyond playability. If you lose that original disc you have 24 hours to destroy or throw away the backup copy. ·          We can Mod any Xbox 360 System To Date:  ·          1. Hitachi 2. Toshiba/Samsung 3. Phillips BenQ 4. Phillips Lite-On ·          There are things that I might not have added, I am only human and I am working hard to get everything posted, Pleased ask any questions you may have. Thank you!

 Is ONLY for Upgrading your Xbox 360 to Current Firmware!