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If you want to pay through Paypal, I will send you a Paypal invoice after you but the product. I will PRICE MATCH other offers! Please READ full ad! Here's your chance to read those stories that you either grew up on or helped shape a generation! Want to read some of those old issues that go for hundreds of thousands of dollars if not a million? Maybe you just want to read some of the stories from your youth, but back issue prices are way too much? Maybe you just want to see where all those comic book movies keep coming from?Well, you tell me what TITLES you're looking for, I'll tell you how many dvds it will take & give you a price. We can go from there! I REPLACE ALL DEFECTIVE DISCS!
To all new customers to Ioffer, do not send a question with your email address asking for a list. Ioffer will block your email from showing up.

If you want digital copies of your comics, this is the way to go.

If you find an ad for sets of comics (I.e, Batman, Spider-man, Civil War, Justice League) I WILL MATCH their advertised price or most times, will be CHEAPER! Read my feedback!