Item Description
Product name Tomato plant weight loss

Simple description Tomato Plant Weight Loss Pill
1.100% all natural,original lose weight,no rebound diet,no diarrhea price
Product instruction Tomato plant weight loss,a natural weight loss prodrct,is extracted and from tomatoes. All the rawmaterials are from tomato gardens in tianshan .xinjiang province where tomatoes are healthier, more nutritious and natural after 16 hours sunshine.
Tomato is rich in various nutritional ingredients, licopersicin in tomatoes can choke back bacteria growth while its malic acid.citric acid ,and saccharide can help digestion. Therefore,it’s also referred to ss magical fruit in vegetables ,rich provitamin A it contains can be converted into vitamin A in the boby ,boosting bone growth,precenting and trdating rickets, ophthalmoxerosis,nyctalopia as well as some skin diseases ,modern medical research shows that the quantity of vitamin C we receive is the determinant of controlling and improving skin anticancer capability. Organic acids such as malic acid, citric acid can elevate aciity of gastric juice ,assist digestion and adjust the function of gastric juice,assist digestion and adjust the funtion of stomach and intestine,fruit acid in tomatoes is also beneficial for hyperlipemia by lowering holesterin content.
With the development of extraction technotogy,reprocessed, tomatoes are widely used in food and beverages,this product is using the extractde acidic ingredients of tomatoes to promote digestion and lower cholesterol .the konjac ingredient in this product also helps to expel toxin. Nourish skin ,reduce blood pressure,invigorate pulse beat and lose weight.
During long term market observaation ,no adverse drugreactions were ever reported,the product is proved to be purely natural and very effective in losing weight without side effects. It’s deeply loved and trusted by customers as a real competitive plant product for weight loss.
characteristies 1. expel toxin,beautify face ,lower blood pressure and lose weight.
2. natural plants for weight loss ;safe and reliable without side effects or rebounds;
3. no need of dieting ;rest assurde of use.
Main ingredients Tomato. Sweet potato fiber,konjac, semen cassiae torae ,guar gum powder etc.

Specifications 350mg x 6capsules x5sheets .(dosage)one time a day one capsule per time(before or after breakfast)
storage In a cool ,dry and dark place
Shelf life 24 months
Suitable age From above 16 to under 65 years old .
Suitable crowd Simply obese people ;better for stubbornly obese people and those who have failed to lose weight many times.
Special note Unsuitable for children, pregnant women and people with heart diseases, high blood pressure diabetes or nephropathies.