Item Description
10 boxes Weight Reduction fruit Green Lean Body Capsule

This product chosen the fruits that have the efficiency of weight reduction and facial beautification,which were generally recognized for hundreds of years and combined with the green plants, such as jerusalem artichoke, konjaku and technology. This product contains the fruits extract that help the human body to consume the internal fat.

※Koncing nut, the nuts extract is praised as the "incendiary bomb of super fat" by America and Europe and it can resolve the fat accumulated in the human body quickly, accelerate the energy metabolism of the obstinate fat and inhibit the absorption of postmeal fat
※Garcinia Camnogia extract (HCA) can block the glucose turning into fat and reduce the energy absorption in body.

※"The malicacid" in the extract of apple can induce the original fat to be burnt, prevent from new lipogenesis.

※The "albuminolysis ferment" extracted from kiwi fruit can resolve meat albumen rapidly, prevent the fat from absorption.

Integrating with the green ingredients, as Mannan fibre (jerusalem artichoke, konjaku extract), sweet potato cellulose, guar gum powder, etc., it can inhibit the appetite, make people felt "the full belly sense". Combining with the weight reduction of the modern international and popular fruit scent, it is the nwe generation products with modern and safe and nonpoisonous green weight reduction with fast result.

The characteristic of YangshengYoufang? weight-reducing fruit (healthpreserving with the proper method):

Green weight reduction with safe and nonpoisonous
inhibit the appetite with needn't to be dieting.
rapid result with be effective in the same day
fruit formula with expelling of toxin and facial beautification
One capsule each day wit convenient for administration
directional weight reduction with no rebounding forever

[Main composition] Koncing nut, Garcinia Camnogta, apple, kiwi fruit, Mannan fibre, konjaku extracts, sweet potato cellulose.

[Efficient compositions and content] It contains the total flavone ≥ 200mg per 100g.

[Health care function] Reduce weight and beautify face.

[Suitable people] Besides aiming at the simple obesity people, this product is more suitable for the obstinate obesity type and the persons with inefficacy on repeated weight reduction.

[Precautions] Children, pregnant woman, the patient with the heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease are contraindicated.

[Usage and dosage] One time a day and one capsule each time (taking before or after breakfast).

[Shelf life] 24 months.

[Storage] Seal and keep it on the shady and cool, dry place.

[Manufacture] Youfang Biological Science and Technology Co., Guangzhou.

[Supervision] Yangsheng Youfang (HongKong) Biological Group Company.

[Packing specification] 60 capsules


Because this product contains plant extracts saponin, some people may feel a slight weakness, dry mouth, reduce sleeping time, and just take water and soybean milk in the first several days after taking this product.If taking every two days f if suspending for several days, then take this product.