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Glutathione 800mg All in one.

 Formulation 100% natural pure

L-glutathione 500mg with

Vitamin C 250 mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 50 mg

Celebrity Secret: New!!! (proven safe and very effective) same as Lucidas-Ds


                                               GUARANTEED ORIGINAL

Made in USA

Expiration: 11/2011

Celebrity Secret: Each capsule contains -Glutathione 500 mg -Vitamin C 250 mg -Alpha Lipoic Acid 50 mg

1 bottle contains 60 capsules.

Usage is 1 capsule 2 x a day with meals. Together with the Vitamin C with Rosehips or grapeseed extracts and alpha lipoic acid.

This glutathione is prescribed by dermatologists. Guaranteed Original.

Glutathione is a master anti-oxidant, and a very effective whitening agent if taken in greater dosage.

One of the more popular benefits of taking glutathione is that it cleanses the liver; and being an anti-oxidant, it rids the body of free radicals that contribute to aging and sicknesses.

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L-Glutathione is usually referred to as the body’s “master anti-oxidant.” It is said to be important in maintaining good health and long life. A person who is exposed to more toxins is said to use up his supply of glutathione. Without the protection of glutathione, cells will die at a faster rate, leading to quicker aging and a higher risk of developing diseases induced by toxins such as carcinoma. The whitening of the skin sis said to be just a side effect of this anti-oxidant medication when the dosage is doubled. L-Gluthathione plays important role in cancer prevention & treatment.         Appears to protect against the dangers of heart diseases, premature aging and chronic illness.         Increases sperm count for men with low sperm counts.        Low glutathione levels are found in immune compromised individuals, Neuro-degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimer, and Parkinson’s disease, arteriosclerosis, male infertility, pregnancy complications, cataracts, damage from many pharmaceutical drugs, cancer and poor survival rate for patients with aids.        And a lot more.....

As an anti-oxidant/ anti-aging medication, glutathione’s recommended dosage is between 10 and 20mg. per Kg. BW (body weight) per day divided into two doses.

As a whitening capsule, the combination should be in double dose: 0-40mg / Kg BW per day in two to three divided dose.

WHAT CAN IT DO FOR YOU? • Whitens the Skin • Dark spot remover • Prevent/remove pimples and pimple marks • Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles • Makes your skin smooth, fresh and radiant • Enhance healing of wounds • Nourishes skin A person taking L glutathione should take Vitamin C two to three times more than the dose of L Glutathione. Why is Vitamin C needed? This is to keep L Glutathione in its absorbable or reduced form. This will release the potential of Vitamin C’s derivatives’ whitening properties

Important factors to consider in skin lightening:

1.Make sure that you take the correct dose.
     For less than 50 kilos, take 1cap 2x a day.
       For more than 50 Kilos, take 1cap 3-4x a day.

Vitamin C is important because the reduced glutathione (GSH) when it passes the stomach are easily oxidized and
becomes glutathione disulfide (GSSG).  
In order to regenerate oxidized glutathione (GSSG), you need to take these other antioxidants such as 
Vitamin C  or grapeseed so that the oxidized glutathione will be regenerated to reduced glutathione which is
the usable form.

2.       Glutathione pills does not remove thick skin and dead skin cells.  

You have to manually remove them manually with the help of exfoliating solutions, skin peeling solutions,
diamond peeling procedures and others external procedures performed and supervised by a legitimate
dermatologist so that the whiter skin underneath can be seen.

3.       See to it that you always apply sunblock at least SPF 50

Even if you are not exposed directly to sunlight.
 Always remember that there are what we call UV A (directly under the sunlight), UV B (indirectly under
   the sunlight) and UV C (flourecent lights, and other lighting equiptments).
Do these things correctly and you can see good results within 30 days.