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Vengeance Unlimited Complete Series on DVD*

3 disc set

Mr. Chapel, is played by Michael Madsen. He has no first name, no back-story. He does have a secret. You never know who he is or where he comes from, but if your life has been shattered by tragedy, you don't care. Maybe the police didn't protect you, maybe the courts couldn't help you. No one would listen. You've lost everything, even hope. And that's when he steps from the night and into your life with an offer. He will make everything right for a price. One million dollars!!  Or, you can owe him a favor. Watch as Mr. Chapel collects on those favors owed him, and makes the bad guys wish they weren't ever born.
Episode titles
1. Cruel and Unusual
2. Victim of Circumstances
3. Eden
4. Bitter End
5. Justice
6. Ambition
7. Security
8. Dishonorable Discharge
9. Noir
10. Vendetta
11. Confidence
12. Judgment
13. Clique
14. Critical
15. Legalease
16. Friends



Comes in a new quad case with artwork.

Shipping is only $4.95