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Gluta White - Skin Whitening Capsule (100 Caps)

Gluta White - Skin Whitening Capsule (100 Caps)

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Poten Anti Oxidant
Detoxicant: Glutathione acts as a detoxifying agent by combining with undesirable substances and riding the body of them through urine and bile.
The side effects for glutathione is very benefiacial most especially for dermatological porposes. Glutathione whitens skin by modifying conversion of eumelanine(dark/brown/yellow pigmentation) to phaeomelanin ( reddish white pigmentation). and this is ussually manifest in increase dose of glutathione. This is a main reason white skin are produced.
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I. PRODUCT GLUTA-WHITE Food Supplement Capsule “Brings out that INNER and OUTER Glow in You…”

n Each capsule contains:

• 100mg of Glutathione

• 25mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid n Recommended Dosage:

 • One capsule per day or as recommended by a health professional

 II. MAIN COMPONENTS What is Glutathione?

* Nature’s Master Antioxidant” n Most abundant member of the body’s antioxidant network surpassing Vitamin E by several million times. n However, glutathione production declines as we reach the age of 40 and can drop 20% by the age of 60.

What does Glutathione do? 

 Restores the antioxidant power of Vitamin C.

* Repairs damaged cells.

 Helps in the detoxification of drugs and pollutants for healthy liver function. Toxins are flushed out through the kidneys. n Prevents and reverses age related signs – Changes of tone and color, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Cancer. What is Alpha Lipoic Acid? 

An antioxidant enzyme that can regenerate GLUTATHIONE, which then regenerates Vitamin

C.  Alpha Lipoic Acid + Glutathione = ingredients in medicines for liver diseases. n Patients taking this combination were recovering and age related signs were reversing.


 Our body produces GLUTATHIONE and ALPHA LIPOIC ACID but hardly in the right amount. ANSWER: GLUTA-WHITE – a food supplement that can provide sufficient amounts to meet our body requirements.



 The skin is the largest and hardest working organ of the body. n It is our first line of defense against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other foreign bodies. 

 Helps retain fluids, which are essential for life and maintenance of body temperature. Harsh Realities of Life 

 Being constantly exposed to sunlight and pollutants, our skin is the most vulnerable to free radical attacks. 

 Skin cancer and premature aging becomes inevitable.

Cigarette Smoking is a major culprit of Skin Aging. Smokers often have wrinkles that are equivalent to those people ten years older and their complexion is lifeless and dull.

Exposure to UV rays causes dramatic changes to our skin. These causes changes in skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. How do we prevent these “Harsh Realities of Life” from happening? 

Limit Sun Exposure 

 Maintaining the right level of “ANTIOXIDANT” in the body to prevent skin aging and cancer.

IV. BENEFITS OF THE PRODUCT BENEFITS OF GLUTA-WHITE: þ ANTIOXIDANT BOOSTER – increase in antioxidants will be an advantage in defeating the forces that rob us of our health þ

ANTI-AGING – reverses age related signs such as: - Changes in Tone and Color - Fine Lines - Wrinkles þ ANTI-CANCER – protects your cells against damage leading to cancer.

How does Gluta-White Prevent Cancer?

Hydrogen Peroxide is produced from fats and proteins when oxidized/damaged by free radicals. ‚When this reacts with other substances such as iron, it potentially becomes dangerous hydroxyl radicals. ƒThese hydroxyl radicals can cause cells to mutate which can lead to cancer. „A regular dose of GLUTA-WHITE helps keep Hydrogen Peroxides to a low and a steady state.


1. Are there any side effects to Gluta-White? · Yes. There is a side effect. · GLUTA-WHITE has a

SKIN WHITENING EFFECT. As per studies, there are no known negative side effects for GLUTA-WHITE. · It modifies black/brown/yellow melanin pigmentation (Eumelanin) to reddish white pigmentation (Phaeomelanin) 2. When can we see the effects of GLUTA-WHITE?

• It takes four weeks to notice any changes in the skin.

 • Effect would depend on the color of the skin (Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Very Dark or Black) • Some people can see changes in little as two weeks. 3. Is it safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

• Alpha Lipoic Acid is not advisable to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It would be better to wait until a few months after giving birth. 4. What are the other benefits in taking GLUTA-WHITE?

• Not only is it a whitening pill, it also helps in rejuvenating our system by eliminating harmful free radicals in our body.

• Giving us an “INNER” and “OUTER” Glow. As it is, BEAUTY radiates from within…..