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"Super President" A very rare cartoon series that also includes some episodes from it's companion, "The Spy Shadow". Set in Washington, D.C., Super President featured the exploits of James Norcross, Chief Justice of the United States. Norcross possessed unique powers as the result of a cosmic storm. He utilized those powers to battle the sinister forces of evil. Payment can be made by money order, check, or Paypal. We ship first class with delivery confirmation for $3.00 and for world wide shipping we use global priority for $11.00 ($9.00 for Canada). We will ship within 48 hours after payment or the following business day.


Even by Saturday morning superhero standards, the series' concept was off the wall: American President James Norcross is given superpowers as the result of a cosmic storm; he now has increased strength and the ability to change his molecular composition at will. A hidden panel in the Oval Office allows him access to his secret base; a hidden cave beneath the "Presidential Mansion" (a somewhat modified White House). Super President travels either by using a futuristic automobile/aircraft/submarine called the Omnicar, or by using jets built into his belt.

Despite the fact that the character's name is "Super President," for some reason only Norcross' chubby, pipe-smoking advisor Jerry Sayles knows that Norcross and Super President are one and the same.


Because the series only ran for just over a year and was seldom shown in reruns, the series has faded in most viewers memories. This was further compounded by the fact that all television stations that shared affiliation with NBC and CBS and/or ABC chose to air competing programming instead. This low level of exposure to audiences has led to assertions that no such show ever existed despite TV Guide and other programming schedule guides stating the contrary. However, the series has appeared in recent years on grey-market videocassettes and DVDs, thus proving its existence.

This disc includes:

    Super President:

         The Billion Dollar Bomber

         The Condor's Eye

         Day Of The Locusts

         Monster Of The Atoll

         King Of The Sea

         Man Of Steel

         The U.F.O Mystery

         The Great Vegetable Disintegrater

     The Spy Shadow:

          The Brain Drain Game

          The Kilowatt Killer Caper

          The Mystery Rustler Caper

           Evila The Terrible

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