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This ioffer is for a DVD that features a biography and history of the NBC Emmy award winning Another World.

It features great scenes, clips, and a narrator telling the history of the show. This special was put together for the cast and crew of Another World. It never aired or was nationaly broadcast. Here are some of the actors, characters and scenes you will see.

We do not live in the world alone, but a thousand other worlds. This documentary is divided up in three parts (20th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, 30th Anniversary segments).

Introduction of the Matthews family.

Introduction of Ada and Ernie

Sam and Lahoma

Rachel, Steve and Alice

Mac and Iris

Classic scenes featuring:


Steve Frame




Gwen Frame

Includes the famous courtroom scene of Mac on the witness stand and Rachel declaring that Matthew isn't his baby.

The confritation between Nancy and Ada.

Rachel and Donna's confritation about Sharlene being a prostitute.

The famous scene when Mac finds out that Iris was the chief and disowns her. Great music montages featuring (Cass and Kathleen, Cheryl and John, Sally and Catlin, John and Sharlene).

Great adventure scenes (The Arizona location scenes with Marly, Jake and Carl).

Reginald loves death fall.

Great comedy scenes (When Cass wig come off and Tony the Tuna sees who he really is. Lily is singing and Wally and Felcia runs into Tall boys in a big truck.)

Clip of Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris singing the theme song.

Clip of Gloria Lorning (former Liz on Days of Our Lives singing on AW).

Clip of Robert Flack singing.

Clip of Liberache singing to Felecia

The cast from the 30th Anniversary singing "Under The Boardwalk". Victoria Wyhdam and Linda Dano (Rachel and Felecia) introduce memorable moments from Another World.

Plus so much more! If you are fan of Another World, or just daytime TV in general, you will enjoy have adding this to your collection.

This ioffer item comes from my personal fan collection. I'm sharing it as a "one fan" to another. The purpose is to promote daytime tv and appreciation of the genre. I do not own or claim any copyrights.

DVDs now come in clear plastic CD (Keepers) with label.

This ioffer item comes from my personal music fan collection. I'm sharing it as a "one fan" to another. The purpose is to promote the artist and their music. I do not own or claim any copyrights to artist, producers writers or labels.

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