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Welcome to my store New! Hot Sell !!! you Now bidding on 20 Pack of Botanical Slimming Meizitang Soft Capsule 36 Capsules/boxes If you need 1 pack or wholesale,please contact us through e-mail) Extracts from plants, safe without any toxicity, and highly efficacious. This products adopts many kinds of natural plants that possess the function of slimming and keeping nice figure. These plants, such as nice purely natural mulberry, kola fruit, cyamoposis gum, alfalfa together with atractylodes rhizome, lotus leaf, astragalus root, oriental water plantain, dogbane leaf and etc, are carefully extracted and purified with modern advanced technology for the product. whose function theory is as follows: 1. Restrain the activity of lipase in stomach and intestinal canal to enable the fat in the taken food not to be absorbed by the body. This effect is shown in the form of defecate with fat (oil) nature, which means people could excrete the equal quantity of fat as that has been taken. 2. Improve the metabolism and basic metabolism ratio (BMR) of fat, which means to increase the consumption of human body energy. The body fat would be broken up into heat, carbon dioxide and water. 3. Help convert mast fat cells into flat cells effectively without fat. As soon as the cell membrane sticks together, cells can no longer absorb fat. Also it penetrate into the cortex, catching the source of fat to stop fat cells from expanding. It can destroy fat chain to decompose and release fat here are two shipping way: 1. EMS: if you want to ship by EMS,tell me please! Can s hip to worldwide, big order big discount. When you make the offer,please tell me which shipping way you want. A ny other questions please tell me freely i am waiting for you here... Payment Note: Please make the payment within 7 days 1. Western union 2. paypal