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(48capsules+12capsules)/box × 30boxes

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The product is meticulously made by employing modern scientific preparation ,it sufficiently contains Total Sponginess and Tea Polyphones. Experiments have proved that the tea has functions of reducing weight, decreasing blood fat, preventing acquired simple obesity (rich in nutrition) and health protection and beauty to human body.
Three Reshape Figure Theories
1. Containing cellulose and plant lipase and inhibiting the re-generation of excess fat
2. Herbal factor and Tea polyphones extracted from the plants can effectively complement fat decomposition factor-LCA, to accelerate fat burning
3.A variety of plant extracts can comprehensively adjust human endocrine to reconstruct the energy balance.
Three Reshape Figure Principles
1. Green: The product uses herbal plant extract essence to promote green products
2. Health: No diet, no fatigue, no diarrhea, fat reduction is only but no reduction of water and nutrition
3. Quick effects: Take the product two weeks you can lose 2.5-7.5 kg or lose waist circumference 2-5CM,and no rebound.
[Main Ingredients] Natural fruits, Tea, Hawthorn, and Cellulose
[Direction] Take once a day ,and 2 capsules each time. You can take the product separately or together with food in the morning.
[Specification] 48capsules/box + 12capsules/box
[Storage] Keep in a cool and dry place
[Shelf Life] 3 years
[Attention] You should drink more water and eat light food when take the product.