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3 Short Jackie Chan Documentaries on 1 DVD

These titles feature clips of Jackie's movies, as well as on-set footage and interviews. Some of the clips are repeated, but each documentary has unique clips and interviews.

The Incredibly Strange Film Show
This episode of the British television series focuses on Jackie Chan. It has interviews with Jackie, Willie Chan, Maggie Cheung and more. Jackie reviews some of his stunts that went wrong and we get to see some of Jackie's 35th birthday celebration with his Japanese fans.
1989 - 39mins

From Stuntman to Superstar
This biography of Jackie Chan covers his life from childhood to his rise to international stardom. It includes great photos from Chan's childhood as well as film clips and on-set footage from First Strike. Jackie gives us his take on the films he made in the US in the 70s and 80s and why he returned to making films in Hong Kong. Wesley Snipes and others share their appreciation for Jackie and his work.
1996 - 38mins

Best Fights and Stunts
This one covers his introduction as "The New Bruce Lee" and includes clips from his earlier movies like New Fist of Fury and Fearless Hyena. It features a very awkward and misinformed host/narrator. Most of the clips are from his older films where he is doing more traditional style kung fu, like going through all the animal styles. It also has some footage of the stunts from his later movies.
1997 - 44mins
**Lower Quality and ends abruptly**
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