Item Description
L-carnitine super fat burning bomb - weight loss

Fat burning rate rise 36%!
More than 99.9% purity
All-round promotion of physical health!

L-carnitine is an essential coenzyme in the process of fat metabolism. It can promote the decomposition of fatty acids into the mitochondrial to oxidatively decompose. If fat doesn’t go into mitochondrial, it could not be consumed, no matter how many exercises you do or how to keep your diet. However L-carnitine is a carrier to carry fat into mitochondrial.

Main Ingredients: L-carnitine, Hawthorn, Aloe, Tuber fleece flower root, Oolong extract, Radix astragali, Konjac powder.

Health Effects: Reduce fat.

Composition and Content:
Per 100gcontains: TP0.62g, Aloin38.8g.

Applications: Local fat, Rebound after many times fat reducing, Simple fat, High blood fat, Postpartum obesity.


Not Suitable for: High blood pressure, heart disease, children, pregnant women, lactating women.

Directions and Dosage: According to the individual situation to select the following taking methods.

Normal speed fat reducing: One tablet twice daily,30 minutes before breakfast or supper.

Instant fat reducing: Two tablets once daily,30 minutes before breakfast.

Keep the good figure: One tablet once daily

Shelf Life: 24 months

Storage: Please seal and put in the shady and dry place.

Matters Required Attention: This product cannot be instead of medicament. It is forbidden for young children, pregnant women to take this product.