Item Description
Plug the handy cassette adaptor into audio jack and tape
deck, you will hear tunes from cassette player. Connect the 3.5 mm
plug to a player and insert the cassette to a tape player, you will
enjoy the audio. The cassette connector works with any audio
players like MP3, iPod, CD player with a standard 3.5mm headphone
output. Features * High quality car audio adapter * Connect your CD
Player / Minidisk Player / iPod to your car stereo through your
car's in-dash cassette player * 3.5mm plug for iPod, MP3, MP4, MD,
CD Player, Minidisk Player headphone jack * Silent mechanism
reduces mechanical noise on the road * Cord Length: 38 inch *
Color: Black * Model: CPA-7 Compatible with Models: Apple iPod
Nano, Video, Photo, Mini, Shuffle MP3, MP4, CD, MD and some PDA,
Cell Phone with 3.5mm earphone plug