Item Description
Note: Please be careful to protect thep point of the knife.
Don't make it drop down exceed 1.1 meter height.
Product 3.2 inch Ceramic Folding Knife
Blade Material: Ceramic
Blade thickness: 2.5mm
Handle Material: Plastic & iron
Knife Blade Length: 3.2 inch (8cm)
Colors Available: White matt
Unit Weight: 106g
Special Materials: Using high-tech Zirconia crafted;
high-density; high hardness; never wear; hardness (HRA87) is close
to diamond; and abrasion performance is 60 times better than metal
Healthier: Lead-free; non-toxic; acid resistance; alkali
resistance; never rust; health and environmental friendly; keep
food color; flavor; enjoy the flavor; do not have any reaction to
food; real health products!
Excellent Performance: Because of its extremely high density
and bright; the knife is not easy to breed bacteria; cutting fish;
fruits; vegetables and other clear-cut; anti-bacterial
anti-fouling; easy to clean.
Elegant Appearance: Appearance as jade-like soft moist; fine
texture; adding to the enjoyment of the noble.