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[Magical efficacy]
After taking 24 hours, the fat cells begin to disperse, dissolve fat cells from the pores, the drainage system discharge.
Taken seven days later, some of the fat cells are dissolved, eliminating sleep can feel a sense of refreshing the body, abdomen, waist, and legs have a slight quiver.
Obvious thinning of the fat layer taking 14 days, significantly thin circle, abdomen, waist, legs, face, slim waist, hips bend, legs to walk the obvious sense of relief.
Take 1-2 cycles: the 360-degree fiber wisdom to create a sculpture type of weight loss ,20-35 pounds of weight-loss effect, reproduce the exquisite curves of the female.
Main ingredient: oil-based, fleece-flower root, tangerine peel, kelp, lotus leaf, OF Health Hawthorn.
Implementation of standards: W/HUND002-2004
Specifications: 300 mg X 10 pills X 2 boxes(20 pills)
Way of taking: once a day, once a
Storage: Store in a dry cool place
Manufacturer: Shenzhen Furong Hall Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Address: Futian District, Shenzhen Fuxing Road 560
The Hibiscus Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Producer of Hong Kong
Address: Room 8020, 92 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 8
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