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Warning: This film contains frequent nudity and violence scenes  ( no pornographic or explicit material is contained in this item. It can be viewed by minors and cannot be considered as mature audience. It is therefore conform to iOffer and Paypal policies )

DVD.R - COLOR - NTSC Format (All Regions - Region Free) -  English language track

*This Violent World DVD (Savana Violenta,Mondo Violence), 1976), directed by Marrio Morra & Antonio Climati

See the Indian guru cut off his own tongue. See alligator hunting in the sewers of New York. See the Amazon slave trade girls. See the little-known Bavarian rape treatment and Mozambique’s dreaded "Laughing Death." See baby seal clubbing and shark vivisection. See self induced miscarriages and abortions carried out by Stone Age savages. See Guatemalen earthquake victims. See a looter machine gunned to death. See Australia’s "School for White Aborigines."... and much more!

This DVD.R is sent in a hard DVD case with color cover art as pictured below.

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