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Last Of The Summer Wine : Series 1 and 2

 Region 0

Compo, Clegg, and Blamire are three restless pensioners from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire with time on their hands and adventure on their minds.

As they amble about the countryside, these unlikely lads relive their childhood, causing havoc along the way.

It`ll end in trouble - especially when the formidable Nora Batty finds out.  

The complete first and second series of the classic



Last Of The Summer Wine : Series 3 and 4

Region 0

Welcome to Holmfirth, a breathtakingly beautiful village in the heart of the West Yorkshire Dales, home to our three favourite idiosyncratic, retired gentlemen, as well as the BBC`s longest running comedy series.

Here we meet these one-time school chums - Compo, Clegg and Foggy - long since left school, but now enjoying a mischievous second childhood, devising and executing a multitude of (grey) hair brained schemes. Which is just what you`d expect from Britain`s oldest, if not wisest adolescents.

Helped by a supporting band of formidable wives, hen-pecked husbands, sexually-charged mistresses, inventors, pigeon fanciers and balding lotharios, our three heroes are never far from one adventure or another.

And when the likes of a Christmas celebration in the middle of a sweltering hot summer, the installation of a new bell for the cafe door, and the retrieval of a wandering ferret from its new-found home in Nora Batty`s house, as always, there`s plenty of room for disaster too.  

The complete third and fourth series of the classic BBC sitcom. 



Last Of The Summer Wine : Series 5 and 6

 Region 0

Life drifts by at a slow and hazy pace here in the beautiful village of Holmfirth, in the verdant Yorkshire Dales - home to our three favourite over-sixties schoolboys, Compo, Foggy and Clegg.

Engaged in a multitude of activities that men of a younger age would consider themselves too old for, our retired (but not retiring) trio continue to get themselves into all sorts of fixes, over field and down dale and even into the distant hills. 

And as their endless summer rolls gently on, many an astonishing scheme is born, as we see Foggy enter the emergency rescue business, Clegg embark on an old Yorkshire ghost-hunt and Compo launch headlong into a most perilous pursuit - to have his photo taken in Nora Batty`s bedroom.  

The complete fifth and sixth series of the classic BBC sitcom (14 episodes) plus the Christmas Specials from 1978, 1979 and 1981. 



Last Of The Summer Wine : Series 7 and 8

 Region 0 

Holmfirth, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, is home to our three favourite overgrown schoolboys Foggy, Compo and Clegg. 

Life here for most people drifts along at a gentle pace, but never for our inimitable trio - there`s always a drama waiting to become a crisis.

But that`s hardly surprising, when you consider all the dangers involved in attempting to find out the size of Nora Batty`s feet, trying to make money selling junk food to the inhabitants of the local health farm, and taking charge of Ivy`s cafe for the afternoon.

Oh yes, there`s trouble around every corner in this beautiful, sleepy town.  

The complete seventh and eighth series of the classic BBC sitcom (12 episodes) plus the Christmas Specials from 1982, 1983 and 1984. 


Last Of The Summer Wine : Series 9 and 10

 Region 0

With Foggy off to pastures new, it`s time to welcome a new face to Holmfirth - that once quiet backwater in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales - in the form of Seymour Utterthwaite, former headmaster and amateur inventor. And invent he certainly does.

So look out shoppers, there could soon be some new stuff on the market - like a state of the art waste disposal system, a new `gentlemen`s purse` and a rather worrying ejector-seat.

But you won`t be able to buy any of them until they`re properly road-tested by a gullible, willing volunteer. Step forward Compo, disaster awaits...

Episodes comprise:

  • Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies` Elastic Stockings?
  • The Heavily Reinforced Bottom
  • Dried Dates And Codfanglers
  • The Really Masculine Purse
  • Who`s Feeling Ejected Then?
  • The Ice-Cream Man Cometh
  • Set The People Free
  • Go With The Flow
  • Jaws
  • Edie And The Automobile
  • Wind Power
  • When You Take A Good Bite, Yorkshire Tastes Terrible
  • Christmas Special 1985 : Uncle Of The Bride
  • Christmas Special 1986 : Merry Christmas Father Christmas
  • Christmas Special 1987 : Big Day At Dream Acres 

The longest running comedy series in the world started out, as many British comedy successes did, with a 1973 episode of the BBC series 'Comedy Playhouse'. The basis was simple but complex at the same time. It tells us the stories of three old men, who in all essence couldn't be more young at heart.






The comic trials and tribulations of life for a group of retired friends based in a village in West Yorks Last Of The Summer Wine: the very Cider With Rosie-like title of the longest-running British TV sitcom of all time suggests an atmosphere of golden nostalgia, of hazy summer days and the slow but inexorable passing of an era. The show certainly evoked all of these images, but the episodes depicted not childhood romps or teenage affairs in swaying, golden fields of wheat but the twilight years of a trio of oddly philosophising, whimsical old duffers in the Yorkshire Pennines who return to a carefree second childhood. They get up to all sorts of mischief and are determined to fulfil ambitions for which younger men would have already considered themselves too old.

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