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  Louvre Oriental Poppy 20 RARE seeds
Papaver Orientalis


Papaver orientale 

Large  white ruffled flowers blushed with soft pink right down to the bold dark basil blotches. 
A truely stunning hardy hybrid perennial plant.

Simply beautiful!
Delicate tissue-like blooms up to 5 inches across perform a mystical dance in the winds of your garden. 

For dramatic brightness ,
rivals the flamboyant Oriental Poppy.
In late spring and early summer, when many bulbs have faded and summer perennials have yet to appear,the large flowers of the Oriental poppy create bright spots of color framed by attractive foliage.

A fantastic show!

These brilliant beacons of spectacular color spread 18-36" to add an element of drama to a perennial garden, bed or border. The big 4-8" ruffled flowers appear in late spring and early summer atop 2-4' stems creating eye-catching beauty. Delicate tissue-like blooms up to 5 inches across perform a mystical dance in the winds of your garden.

Tight buds cut in early morning are longer lasting when used in arrangements. Sear the cut end of the stem before placing it in water.
The oriental Poppies are the most accommodating garden plants, vigorous and free flowing and succeeding on light or heavy garden soils, indeed any soil, provided that it is not waterlogged.
Bold and brashy, they will make a spectacular feature in your garden!

Stunning when massed in the garden.

Can be planted at anytime in peat pots.
Fall and Spring are best for directly sowing into the garden.

Most poppies are very easy to grow. They are a favorite of gardeners in every state for rock gardens, flower beds, containers, and most anyplace that you want color. Since poppies are self-sowing, if you allow them to go to seed you may only need to plant them once.

With so many stunning oriental hybrid poppies available today, anyone can indulge a passion for poppies by starting a collection or adding to an existing one.
I heartily recommend it.

   Perennial Zones 3-9.

   Freely re-seeds itself.
   Grows 3 feet high.

   Plant in Spring or Fall.
Bloom Time: May and June
Full sun to partial shade
Soil: Any, well-drained

  Growing instructions included.

Sale is for 20 seeds.



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