Item Description
A truly remarkable find! This is a Conklin pen case (The name is on the lower left hand (to your view) corner of the case, on the glass, complete with 8 trays, 4 shelves and an assortment of 80 pens and mechanical pencils. The pens are from various manufacturers.There are several sliding doors in the back so one can slide open the one you want to be able to reach the pen you need. The case has the original light on the top front inside. The glass rests on an oak bottom with four feet. Measures 43 inches high, 24 inches deep and 16 inches wide. The front glass is unfortunately, cracked across and has been taped. We did not try to take off the tape or change it in any way. I am not sure what could be done about that crack. However, all in all, it is an impressive display Shipping will be arranged between buyer and seller. Costs to be paid by Buyer. Comes from smoke-free home. Thank you for looking. I accept Paypal from personal, bank-type accounts only (not credit cards); money orders, cashiers checks and personal checks (takes 12 business days to clear).1. Scripto Fountain Pen 2. Venus Fountain Pen 3. Scheafer's mechanical pencil 4. Monroe mecanical pencil 5. Scheaffer's Fountain Pen 6. Ivory Bakelite fountain pen and pencil combo 7. Mechanical Pencil Rite Point Phillips 66--Parkston, SD 8. Wearever Fountain Pen 9. Sheaffers Fountain Pen 10. Black marker 11. Ambassador mechanical pencil/fountain pen combo, marbelized 12. True Point Fountain Pen Marbelized 13. Akron Ballpoint Pen 14. Badger, SD Ballpoint Pen--old 15. Sheaffers marbelized fountain pen 16. American Fountain Pen , red marbelized 17. Folding Instrument 18. Wearever Fountain Pen, brown mauve marbleized 19. Wearever Fountain Pen 20.Eversharp Ball point Pen-- old 21. Stratford Regency Fountain Pen 22. WASP Addipoint Brown Marbelized 23. Nassau Fountain Pen- Black and Ivory Marbelized 24. Venus Fountain Pen 25.Oxford Fountain Pen 26. Arnold Fountain Striped Marbelized 27. Waltham Mechanical Pencil/Fountain Pen Combo mauve marbelized 28. Sioux Falls, SD Ball point pen 3 color ink 29. Pioneer Fountain Pen--olive green marbelized 30. USA old ball point pen 31. Parkston, SD ball point pen 32. Lord Baltimore Fountain Pen 33. Maroon/Gold Fountain Pen 34. Lord Baltimore Fountain Pen 35. Rocket Marker Pen, Van Nuys, CA 36. Alton Pen, Japan, marker 37. Sheaffers Fountain Pen 38. Wearever Fountain Pen 39. American Brand Fountain Pen, red marbelized 40. Wearever Fountain Pen 41. Eversharp Ball point--old 42. Mini Ball point--old 43. Gold Ball point-old 44. Waltham Fountain Pen, red marbelized, no cap, and mechnical pencil 45. Waltham Fountain Pen, red marbelized, no cap and mechanical penil 46. Esterbrook Fountain Pen 47. Sheaffer Ball Point Pen--old 48. Stik Mechanical Pencil 49. Sheaffers Mechnical Pencil Mt. Rushmore 50. Ball point Pen--old with thermometer, Olivet, SD 51. Black Ball point pen--old 52. Austiran made, Manos, fountain pen, black and ribbed 53. Sheaffers Fountain Pen, green striped marbelized 54. Wahl Eversharp Gold Filled Mechanical Pencil 55. Waltham Fountain Pen, red marbelized 56. Eversharp Ball point pen 57. Eversharp Mechanical Pencil 58. Eversharp Sterling Mechanical Pencil 59. Bradley of Brattleboro His Nibs Fountain Pen, wooden 60. Hi-Test , fountain pen black and white marbelized 61. Mechanical Pencil, yellow marbelized 62. Sheaffer's Fountain Pen, blue and silver 63. Treasure Fountain Pen, miniature, mettalic flakes 64. Gross Garage, Freeman, SD, warped 65. Mechanical Pencil, with eraser, brass with watch fob chain ring 66. Sheaffer's Fountain Pen, transparent barrel 67. Remington President marker 68. Miniature ball point pen 69. Fountain, blue and silver 70. Moore Pen Company fountain pen, with brass watch fob ring 71. Sheaffers pen, clear barrel 72. Eversharp, mechanical pencil, green striped marbelized 73 Waterman's.retractable fountain pen, no cap 74. Papermate Ball point pen 75. Eversharp fountain pen, rust marbelized 76. Mont Blanc Mechanical Pencil 77.Windsor Fountain Pen, red and silver marbelized 78. Mechanical Pencil 79. Sheaffer fountain pen white dot desk set, onyx base 80. Empty Sheaffers Box The pen trays have Conklin-Endura, Parker Pens.Pencils on it.