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This listing is for 250+ Crossover Comics from DC/Marvel/Various on DVD. Read your favorite comics on your computer. Easy to store and takes up very little space.

Listing includes CBR reader on the dvd.

Superman Vs Aliens 1-3
Superman Vs Aliens II God War 1-4
Superman Vs Predator 1-3
Superman & Batman Vs Aliens and Predators 1-2
WildC.A.T.S. Vs Aliens
Witchblade, Aliens, Darkness & Predator Mindhunter 1-3
Ape Nation 1-4
Army of Darkness & Xena 1-4
Authority/Lobo Spring Break Massacre
Authority vs Lobo Jingle Hell
Batman & Deathblow After the Fire 1-3
Batman & Grendel Devil's Riddle 1
Batman & Grendel Devil's Masque 2
Batman & Grendel Devil's Bones 1
Batman & Grendel Devil's Dance 2
Batman/Tarzan Claws of the Cat-Woman 1-4
Batman, Hellboy & Starman 1
Batman, Hellboy & Starman 2
The Darkness-Batman
The Darkness-Hulk
The Darkness-Superman 1
The Darkness-Superman 2
The Darkness-Wolverine 1
The Darkness-Painkiller Jane
The Darkness-Tomb-Raider
The Darkness Vs Eva-Daughter of Dracula 1-3
DC Vs Marvel 1-4
Amalgam Age of Comics: Amazon 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Assassins 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Bat-Thing 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Bullets and Bracelets 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Dr Strangefate 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: JLX 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Legends of the Dark Claw 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Magneto and the Magnetic Men 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Speed Demon 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Spider-boy 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Super Soldier 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: X-Patrol 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Challengers of the Fantastic 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Dark Claw Adventures 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: The Exciting X-Patrol 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Generation Hex 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Iron Lantern 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: JLX Unleashed 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: Lobo the Duck 1
Amalgam Age of Comics: The Magnetic Men featuring Magneto
Amalgam Age of Comics: Spider-boy Teamup
Amalgam Age of Comics: Super Soldier Man of War
Amalgam Age of Comics: Thorion of the New Asgods
Amalgam Age of Comics:
DC Vs Marvel All Access 1-4
DC Vs Marvel Unlimited Access 1-4
Batman – Daredevil (1997)
Batman – Daredevil (2000)
Batman – Judge Dredd Die Laughing 1-2
Batman – Judge Dredd The Ultimate Riddle
Batman – Judge Dredd Vendetta in Gotham
Batman – Judge Dredd Judgement on Gotham
Batman & Punisher Lake of Fire
Batman & Punisher Deadly Knights
Batman & Spider-Man Disordered Minds
Batman & Spider-Man New Age Dawning
JLA – Avengers 1-4
Batman & Captain America
Batman Vs Incredible Hulk
Darkseid Vs Galactus
Green Lantern & Silver Surfer Unholy Alliance
Incredible Hulk Vs Superman
Superman – Fantastic Four
Superman & Spider-Man I
Superman & Spider-Man II
Uncanny X-men and the New Teen Titans
DC/Wildstorm Dreamwar 1-3
Deathmate Valient & Image 1-8
1-Deathmate Green (Preview)
2-Deathmate Orange (Preview)
3-Deathmate Prologue
4-Deathmate Yellow
5-Deathmate Black
6-Deathmate Blue
7-Deathmate Red
8-Deathmate Epilogue
Devils Reign 1-8
1-Weapon Zero & Silver Surfer
2-Cyblade & Ghost Rider
3-Ghost Rider & Ballistic
4-Ballastic & Wolverine
5-Wolverine & Witchblade
6-Witchblade & Elektra
7-Elektra & Cyblade
8-Silver Surfer & Weapon Zero
Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash 1-6
Ghost – Batgirl 1-4
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Batman
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Wonder Woman
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Superman
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Green Lantern
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Flash
Stan Lee's Just Imagine JLA
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Robin
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Shazam
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Aquaman
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Catwoman
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Sandman
Stan Lee's Just Imagine Crisis
Stan Lee's Secret Files & Origins
Lady Death Vs Vampirella Dark Hearts
Lady Death Vs Vampirella The End
Lady Death Vs Vampirella II
Lobo & The Mask 1-2
Mars Attacks Image 1-4
Marvel Zombies Vs Army of Darkness 1-5
Marvel Zombies Dead Days
Ultimate Fantastic 4 21-23 & 30-32
Marvel Zombies 1-5
Black Panther 28-30
Marvel Zombies 2 1-5
Monster War 1-4
Pinhead Vs Marshall Law Law in Hell 1-2
Prophet – Cable 1-2
Shi & Daredevil 1-2
Spawn – WildC.A.T.S. 1-4
Spawn & Batman
Spawn & Batman War Devil
Backlash & Spider-Man 1-2
Spider-Man – Badrock 1A & 1B
Spider-Man – Red Sonja 1-5
Superman & Bugs Bunny 1-3
Superman & Gen13 1-3
Superman Vs Terminator 1-4
Superman – Madman Hullabaloo 1-3
Ultraforce & Avengers 0-2
WildC.A.T.S. - X-men Dark Age
WildC.A.T.S. - X-men Golden Age
WildC.A.T.S. - X-men Modern Age
WildC.A.T.S. - X-men Silver Age
Frankestein Vs Witchblade
JLA & Witchblade
Tomb Raider – Witchblade – Magdelena – Vampirella
Vampirella – Witchblade Brooklyn Bounce
Vampirella – Witchblade Union of the Damned
Witchblade – Elektra
Witchblade – Lady Death
Witchblade – The Punisher 1
Witchblade – Wolverine
Witchblade – Darkchylde
Witchblade – Vampirella The Feast
Witchblade – Devi 1
Image & Marvel World War 3 1-4
Worlds Collide 1-14
Superman – Man of Steel 35
Hardware 17
Superboy V3 6
Icon 15
Steel 6
Blood Syndicate 16
Worlds Collide
Superboy V3 7
Hardware 18
Superman – Man of Steel 36
Icon 16
Steel 7
Blood Syndicate 17
Static 14
X-O Manowar – Iron Man in Heavy Metal 1-2
Azrael and Ash
Badrock & Wolverine Savaged
Batman – Danger Girl
Batman – MitefallCC
Catwoman – Vampirella/The Furies
Creed – TMNT
Cyber Force X-men 1
Deathblow – Wolverine 1-2
Fantastic Four Gen13
Gladiator – Supreme
Hulk – Pitt
JLA & WildC.A.T.S.
JLA & Planetary Terra Occulta
Joker Vs Mask
Judge Dredd Vs Lobo
Magdelena – Daredevil
Mutants Vs Ultras
Overkill 1-2
Painkiller Jane – Hellboy
Painkiller Jane – Darkchylde
Planetary – The Authority Ruling the World
Planetary – Batman
Rune V Venom
Savage Dragon – TMNT
Spider-Man & Gen13
Superman & Savage Dragon Chicago
Superman Vs Thundercats
Superman Vs Dracula
Superman Vs Muhammad Ali
Team X – Team 7
The Punisher & Painkiller Jane
The Punisher meets Archie
Unholy Union

If you are interested in multiple smaller series, I am wiling to charge the same price as listed as long as all the choices will fit on one dvd. Simply contact me with what you would like.

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