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  Get paid to take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 each, or more
  Get paid to participate in focus groups and make up to $150 an hour
  Get paid to take phone surveys and you can earn as much as $120 an hour
  Get paid to try new products (and keep the free products too)
  Get paid to preview new movie trailers for $4 to $25 an hour

Sound too good to be true? I'll explain exactly why this is possible - and more importantly - how YOU can get started in the next few minutes.

Who Else Wants A Simple Way To Make Money From The Comfort Of Their Home...

Every Day Big Corporations Write Large Checks To People Who Stay At Home
And Share Their Opinion.
How Much Of Their $41 Billion Dollar Give Away Do You Want For Yourself?

These Corporations From Every Business Sector Are Spending Huge Amounts
of Money Gathering Opinions From People Like You So That They Can
Zero-In On Products And Services That Consumers Will Want

And Now They'll Pay For Your Time When They Ask Your Opinion! I'll Show You How To Get On Their "Write A
Check List" Right Away!

Incredible as it may seem, most people are totally unaware that big corporations will gladly pay you to fill out simple surveys on the internet.

Here's why they do this...

Big corporations do a lot of testing before they launch a product on the market. They really have to because if it bombs, it costs them millions of dollars.

Yet year after year, companies release some of the dumbest products you've ever heard of - like garlic cake or edible
deodorant. Or how about the geniuses who released aerosol
toothpaste and packaged it for kids. Guess what happens when
you give kids an aerosol can and encourage them to press the
trigger? It was a huge marketing disaster as well as a sticky

Inside each company people advocate products that have no chance of making it in the real world. And the corporate bean counters are catching on that they can not rely on their "in house" research teams because they aren't getting honest results.

So their next step was "focus groups" where they invited people in to their headquarters and asked them questions about their shopping practices. But they soon discovered the information they collected about their home town market had nothing to do with the world wide market.

That's where you come in. These companies need your knowledge, opinion and expertise to prevent them from shooting themselves in the foot again. They will gladly pay for your time in order to save themselves from a potential marketing disaster.

Let's Anticipate The Most Frequent Questions...
Here's What this program is NOT!

  • No technical or computer skill required. You don't need to be a geek or wizard to participate.
  • No Website ownership or Website maintenance required. In fact, the less you know about the Internet, the better.
  • No specialized learning or education needed. These companies want you just the way you are.
  • No Multi Level Marketing. You don't have to convince your friends to sign up in order for you to succeed.
  • No pressure at all. You set your schedule and the number of hours you want to work in a day
  • No products to sell. In fact, in many cases the companies will send you their own products free so you can test them!
  • No inventory to carry. You don't need to lay out hundreds of dollars hoping something sells.
  • No deliveries to make or arrange. Since you aren't selling anything, you're paid for your opinion only.
  • No business overhead. You don't need to rent an office, put in a special phone line, or hire employees.
  • No financial risk. You don't layout any money to participate in these opinion surveys.
  • No product "house parties". You'll never be embarrassed into buying something you don't need.
  • No "cold calls" to make. They want your opinion only. You'll never have to call anyone else (except to brag about how much money you're making.)
  • No calls to make, period.
  • No collecting orders or money either for or from other people. Remember, there are no sales involved.
  • No quotas. You work as much or as little as you like. Want to pay for your daughter's wedding? Work a little more that month. Want to spend time with your kids? Work a little less.
  • No Supervisor or Manager directing or inspecting what you do. You're the boss and you call all the shots.


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