Item Description
Manufactured in Japan, this premium ultra-high capacity replacement Gold battery is designed & tested to ensure performance and quality. Engineered from professional cutting-edge Japanese research and development, this premium Gold battery can guarantee quality and safety providing you with the maximum reliability, durability and run-time you need so you never run out of power every time.

Its high-quality flexible connectors offer excellent conductive and anti-corrosive properties extending the use of your phone between charges wherever you go. This brand new battery provides a high capacity of 2430mAh to increase your mobile phone's talk time and allow you to use your phone as long as you need to.

This battery is safe to use, identical in size & shaped to the original manufacturer's batteries and far better value for money. So with an extra battery on hand you can ensure that you never run out of power again!

To get the best out of your battery please follow the instructions below:

1) When you receive your new battery, take it out of its packaging and insert it into your electronic device. Turn your device on and drain your battery until you’re left with 1 bar of power. Then charge your device for a minimum period of 12 hours. Your first charge cycle is very important, do not charge it before it is down to 1 bar.

2) After you have completed the initial charge, your battery should only be recharged once you drain it down to 1 bar of power and should be recharged for a minimum period of 6 hours for the battery to reach its full capacity. Ignore the phone telling you that the battery is full—this is normal but is not accurate.

3) Make sure that the contacts are clean.

This item also comes with a warranty, so if you experience any problems simply contact our diligent Customer Support team via email, live chat or telephone.
Capacity: 2430mAh
Utra-high capacity battery
Maximises time between charges
Delivers superior performance
Robust & durable battery
Direct battery replacement
Stable and safe to use
No memory effect
Uses Li-ion polymer technology
1 x 2430mAh High Capacity Battery

Apple iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G