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Brand Whip Eez
Product type Gas
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This 24 Pack is a Great Value at only
$9.40! Whip-eez brand Whipped Cream Chargers are all standard
screw valve Nitrous Oxide whipped cream chargers. 1 box
contains 24 chargers.
Whip-eez brand chargers Never Expire!
Restaurant Quaity Pure Nitrous Oxide - BEST
AVAILABLE in the U.S. Whip-eez Brand is the Best Quality
Nitrous Oxide Food Propellant offering the Worlds Highest Quality,
Pure Nitrous Oxide gas packaged in standard 8 gram chargers for the
North American coffee shop, restaurant, bar, ice cream shop and
gourmet food market.
Whip-eez Brand Nitrous Oxide (N2o) Whipped Cream Chargers are
the highest quality product available in the world today. Whip-eez
Nitrous Oxide chargers are manufactured by one of Europe's largest
and most respected Co2 and N2o production facilities.
Whip-eez Brand chargers are 100% compatible with all standard
screw valve dispensers including all iSi Whip Cream dispensers
(whippers) and Soda Siphons, Liss Whipped Cream Dispensers and Soda
Siphons, and Kovocas of Czechoslovakia. With the exception of the
Kisag Push Valve units, our chargers are guaranteed to work with
all whip cream dispensers currently for sale in North America.
All of our Whip-eez consumer nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide
chargers are manufactured in strict compliance with guidelines
specified by the International Standards Organization. Chargers are
made out of the finest steel available and must pass through
several stringent cleansing processess before being filled with
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