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The Krugerrand is a , first minted in 1967 to help market South African gold. The coin, produced by the , proved popular and by 1980 the Krugerrand accounted for 90% of the gold coin market. The name itself is a compound of (the man depicted on the obverse) and , the South African unit of currency. During the 70s and 80s some countries forbade import of the Krugerrand because of a perceived association with the government of South Africa, which has since been abolished. The Krugerrand today is a popular coin among.

The Krugerrand's history is steeped in politics, war and greed and originates at the white waters of Afrikaans Witwatersrand where gold was discovered in 1884. Tens of thousands of miners worldwide descended on the 60-mile stretch range of hills. In 1899, the British government sought equal rights between the miners and Boars, leading to the Boar War. Concessions were reached and by 1920 the Rand Refinery was established to handle all South African gold.

To honor Paul Kruger, the coin was designed to be identified as the Krugerrand, a combination of Kruger's name and the shortened "Witwatersrand" to "rand." Artist Otto Shultz designed Kruger's portrait for the obverse. Coert Steynberg designed the Sprinkbok antelope, a national symbol of South Africa, for the reverse.

This coin is one amongst the smallest bullion coins ever produced in the world.These are authentic mini reproductions of extremely rare coins layered with 22kt gold.Coin is in Beautiful pristine uncirculated condition.I hope the photographs will help with grading and description.All coins are genuinly imported.The coins are known to be made of 8k to 24k Gold.Some were plated 22k over lower grade Gold which is minted with other non gold metal alloy.Every minute detail of the large coin has been adapted to its mini version.As the gold prices are rising,the hge coins are becoming scarce and disappearing from the market.Also they are becoming really costly.So what you are upto is a great collectible of really great value.Get them while you can.


1978 krugerrand mini HGE coin
Weight: .8 Gram approx.
Size: 10mm diameter.
Gold: 22kt HGE(Highly Electroplated Gold)

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